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Bargain cordless kit.

Lithium battery tools are great for Dl Yers. Even if you leave them half charged for weeks, when your "work weekend" comes, they're ready to go. They're light, too--great for those of us who push paper all day. The only problem: the premium cost.

Drum roll, please, and cue the Porter-Cable combo kit. It's a great value-oriented cordless kit, with four tools and two batteries, for about $260. The kit has a 1/2-in. driver/drill, a 6-1/2-in. circular saw, a recip saw and the obligatory work-light. There's one full size and one compact battery, a charger and tool bag. Want to add tools? A bare (no battery) impact driver is $74 and a jigsaw, $50.

There are no bells and whistles; these are just simple and economical tools from a major brand. I own a set that I've used at our cabin for a couple of sea sons, and everything does the job perfectly.


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Author:Collier, Ken
Publication:The Family Handyman
Article Type:Product/service evaluation
Date:Nov 1, 2011
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