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Bare all: the glamour of nudity.

Montreal -- Exposing oneself is in--from bare naked Canadian female rugby players (Toronto Star, May 21, 2004) to porn stars on the Internet, from young women on the street with midriffs bared to--roller coaster riders? It seems that some 82 British university students felt that compromising their sexuality was worth the price of setting a world record of riding a roller coaster naked.

The Montreal porn industry is booming, where the girls are "natural" and "some of the best sex scenes are coming out of there," according to a representative of an adult (i.e. porn) film company based in Los Angeles where the "industry" does a $13 billion annual business. Following the death of a porn star from AIDS there, regular testing of all stars was introduced in that industry. Montreal, on the other hand, has no standardized testing for AIDS and thus is able to accommodate the industry to its satisfaction. In Canada, to insist on a test for AIDS would be considered "discrimination" against homosexuals.

Meanwhile, B.C. taxpayers are subsidizing a lesbian cable television series called The L-Word, which, according to freethinking Elizabeth Nickson in the National Post, has a lot to teach heterosexuals, specifically in clothes fashion, fun, and sexual innovation. Or, if male homosexuality is more your taste, log on to watch a gay news and entertainment station anchored by, what else, naked men. And a recent television ad displays a Canadian actress, who reveals that she does not bare all (because of her prim Catholic upbringing) as the star of a new show featuring erotica in various forms.

For those who prefer their porn a bit softer, there is a plethora of calendars (in the wake of Calendar Girls, the movie about a group of older ladies posing nude to fund leukemia) to raise funds for a wide variety of causes. Canada's women's cross country ski team and rugby team both used this method of funding when federal funds fell short of what was required.

A spokesman for the "gay" news Internet program remarked that his network was going where others absolutely would not (National Post, May 22, 2004).


Unfortunately, other networks are also rushing, bare naked and barely clothed, into the chasm of pornography and hedonism. It means that Christians will have to restrict their TV viewing to select sports and politics, unless one subscribes to EWTN or Salt & Light television networks, both now available in Canada.
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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