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Barcelona International Conference, July 7-12 -- Web sites to watch.

The XIV International AIDS Conference will take place July 7-12 in Barcelona, Spain -- with important satellite meetings starting several days before. These meetings happen only once every two years; no breakthroughs are expected, but important research and medical developments will be presented. And AIDS workers from around the world will meet and organize on dealing with the global epidemic.

Personal note: Due to a mild pneumonia, we had to cancel our plans to go to Barcelona, and also delay this issue. So we will refer our readers to the best conference coverage by others. As this issue goes to press, the meeting has just begun, and little coverage exists so far. Here are some sites you may want to watch.

Official conference site:

The official Web site works better than it used to, and now has the conference abstracts online, as well as other program information.

Kaiser Family Foundation: (also

The Kaiser Family Foundation is producing daily news reports from the conference, which are syndicated and appear on several other AIDS Web sites as well. We will follow them on this site, since the other ones may not run all of the stories.


Medscape usually has excellent conference coverage. Later, the material may be organized into CME (Continuing Medical Education) modules, which are designed for physicians or other medical professionals, but are available to anyone who wants to use them. Note: The first time you use the Medscape site you need to register, but registration is free.

HIV and,

This site has AIDS and hepatitis news stories -- including reports from the XI International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, July 2-5, 2002, in Seville, Spain

Health & Development Networks,

Health & Development Networks, based in Dublin, Pretoria, and Chiang Mai, has for years maintained major email lists on international AIDS. It is publishing original reports from the Barcelona conference.

International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care,

IAPAC is publishing a daily newsletter from the Barcelona conference. It is available on their site.

The Body,

The Body will publish original next-day coverage of the Barcelona conference.

National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project (NATAP),

Besides coverage of the Barcelona conference, NATAP also has reports from the XI International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, July 2-5, 2002, in Seville, Spain.

Women At Barcelona,

This project brings information about women and AIDS to the public in Barcelona -- and makes conference information more accessible to the great majority of those affected, who are not AIDS specialists.


UNAIDS, the accepted authority on the global epidemic, has conference information as it relates to the United Nations.
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