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Barbara Stuhler's continuing legacy.

We reported the passing of Barbara Stuhler, historian, author, educator and civic leader, in the June 2007 Voter. Stuhler served as an LWVUS/EF Board member from 1958-1964, after serving on the LWVMN Board of Directors for four years. She remained a steadfast supporter and booster of all levels of the League throughout her life, writing and spearheading the publication of a documentary history of the League, providing generous financial contributions, inspiring a funding campaign to develop the League's online resource library, and so much more. In October 2008, the League received an extraordinarily generous $250,000 bequest from Barbara Stuhler's estate. Five percent of her gift will be dedicated to our new "leadership development fund," supporting training for local and state League leaders. Another 5 percent will be committed to the League's "program fund," which supports new education and outreach efforts. The remaining 90 percent will go into the League's endowment fund to ensure the League's ongoing strength and stability. We honor Barbara Stuhler's generous spirit and her legacy by continuing and strengthening the work of the League. The commitment of League supporters like her is critical to the League's future. Barbara Stuhler knew this, and we honor her deep dedication.

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Publication:National Voter
Date:Feb 1, 2009
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