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Barbara Argument's column.

Heard the tale about Wanda who spends her hols in the same place every year?

Nothing strange in that, you might think.

Loads of us pop off year after year, regular as clockwork, to our own special spot in the Costas or Skeggie or Thailand.

Some have been known to make it only a mile down the road to the caravan or that layby with the fantastic view!

So what's different about the lovely Wanda?

Well, it turns out our holidaymaker is a blackbird who, every first day of spring, flies into the same Norfolk garden.

Then come what may, it's back on Boxing Day to Devon.

Like we humans, she's hitting the holiday home trend.

Another strange fact about Wanda is she's a he who earned the name for being a regular wander-er.

It's the sort of quackers story we all love to hear about creatures because it makes them seem so, well, Walt Disney human.

Last year, we had our own Wanda who arrived in the garden with his missus to lap up our admiration. The luvvy doveys set up home in the tangled clematis on the wall and reared a nest of chicks from a clutch of beautiful pale blue eggs.

They even stopped us rushing indoors to catch the latest blockbuster TV show with their comical birdy entertainment.

Daily our very own Wanda sat nervously on the wall, waiting until humans and predatory cat were judged no threat.

Then he'd swoop like a lone Black Arrow over the grass and clever as you like, into the nest.

He's back with the missus already and in this tough old world, their gentle antics are a spring tonic.
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Title Annotation:Column Barbara Argument
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Mar 18, 2005
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