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Barak Warns Recruits of Iron Fist on Refusals, Cites Talmud.


Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak visited the IDF's induction base (Bakum= ) Tuesday where new recruits slated to become Kfir regiment combat soldiers= joined the IDF. He warned them of the consequences of refusing orders, and= he made specific reference to the soldiers donning kippas, the traditional= Jewish head covering.

Barak's words of warning came against a backdrop of a growing controversy o= ver the use of the IDF forces in razing =93illegal=94 Jewish communities an= d expelling their residents. The Kfir regiment has been shaken by several s= uch protests recently.

=93Kfir is an operational regiment that carries out the main operative assi= gnments in Judea and Samaria every day and night,=94 he said, =93and is pre= pared, in cases of a wider conflagration, to take part in any mission. You = will receive the best equipment that is currently available in the world fo= r combat soldiers.

"You are being enlisted in a difficult period,=94 he conceded. =93Some of o= ur activity in Yesha is in the focus of controversy,=94 he said. =93We are = the army of a democratic nation that has only one army. The army is subject= to the leadership of the elected government, and the army carries out the = missions that the state entrusts it to carry out.

=93We have seen several phenomena of refusal of orders, from one side [of t= he political map] and, in the past, from a second direction. These things h= ave no room in a democratic country. We intend to use an iron fist to limit= this phenomenon. We all serve the nation; we are all brothers. I see among= you kippa-wearers, I tell you, remember what is written throughout the Tal= mud: 'anything but civil war.'=94

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Nov 26, 2009
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