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Barack's IRN-BRU; Ex-president gets fizzical on his first visit to Scotland OBAMA GOES A FAIR WAY TO MAKING A HIT WITH SCOTS Easy charm is Bar for the course.


BARACK Obama hit the golf course yesterday on his first ever visit to Scotland.

The former US president, 55, played a round on the worldfamous Old Course at St Andrews.

He was even given a bottle of Irn-Bru when he stopped for a drink in the blazing sunshine.

But it is unclear whether he actually tasted Scotland's TURN TO PAGE 4 FROM PAGE ONE "other national drink". Later, Obama gave a speech to business leaders in Edinburgh.

And he predicted that the masterminds of the Manchester terrorist atrocity would be swiftly brought to justice.

Speaking four days after the attack that killed 22 concertgoers at Manchester Arena, he gave a detailed insight into how he believes the fight against terrorists should be waged.

Obama said: "I want to begin like everyone else by offering my thoughts and prayers to those affected by the terrible events in Manchester.

"I am convinced the perpetrators of this act will ultimately be brought to justice and the networks will be dismantled.

"And I know this not simply because of the valour of our military and law enforcement personnel, but because I know the character of our peoples."

Obama said he wouldn't comment on the Brexit or independence referendum results.

But he did say he believed a "strong, united Europe is a necessity for the world".

He also warned against nationalism, populism and authoritarianism as a response to uncertain times.

Asked directly by event organiser Sir Tom Hunter how the world should combat terrorism, Obama said: "This is not something we are going to be able to solve perfectly.

"There is a lot of poison on the internet. There are a lot of weak-minded or psychotic or troubled people."

Obama urged the audience to carry on as normal and not to let terrorism make British society more intolerant.

But he admitted this would bring "no solace" to the parents of victims of the attack. He added: "I have two daughters who go to concerts and I cannot imagine what those families are going through right now."

Obama conspicuously failed to mention his successor as president, Donald Trump - except to say there had been "long faces" among his team after the election result.

Earlier, Obama joked about the unusually good weather in Scotland.

He also revealed that he had been given a kilt as a gift but wasn't wearing it because his "legs are too skinny".

And he said he'd definitely come back to Scotland because he wouldn't feel he had properly visited until he'd been here when it is "rainy and blustery".

Talking about his wife Michelle, who didn't make the trip, he said: "Everyone is aware she is superior to me."

Prior to Obama's speech, Glasgow schoolgirl Mila Stricevic read a poem she rote called If I Ruled Scotland.

The 13-year-old had won a competition to perform for Obama.

Her poem opens with the line: "If I ruled Scotland, here's what I would do. I'd make everything equal for me and you. I'd educate Scotland in hope and peace and make all the minorities feel at ease."

Security was tight at the Hunter Foundation event in the wake of the Manchester bombing. Annie Lennox, Texas and Kevin Bridges provided the entertainment.

Profits will be split between children's charities in Scotland and the Obama Foundation.

The Hunter Foundation have previously arranged for Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney to come to Scotland.

It's your round Mr President BARACK Obama is well known for his love of golf and couldn't resist a round at the home of the sport, St Andrews.

When his caddy told him, "No pressure, sir", Obama replied: "Well, going by those shots, I shouldn't feel any pressure."

Despite heavy security, he toook time to chat and shake hands with fans.


SWINGING GINGER Obama takes a break from round of golf at St Andrews

PRESSING THE FLESH Obama shakes hands with fans at St Andrews

POPULAR Huge crowds gathered to greet the former US president

ULTIMATE SELFIE Snack bar worker gets picture taken with Obama

SHY Obama's famous way with children cut no ice with this bashful baby

IT WENT THATAWAY Looks like the game's a bogey

HOT TICKET Obama enjoys sunny Scotland

YOU GOTTA LAUGH Joking with caddy

HATS OFF Obama acknowledges
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