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Bar fight. (Photo).


Caption: Activists painted bar codes on their faces in a protest against the Japanese government's new computerized national registry. Under the Basic Residential Register Network System, all citizens have been assigned 11-digit numbers. The registry will make it easier to carry out government business, officials say, by allowing government employees to retrieve basic information, such as name, address, sex, and date of birth from a central database. But, polls show, many Japanese worry that their personal information could be misused by the government, or stolen by computer hackers. Japan has kept data on all its citizens since the 19th century. But the Information is scattered in cities, towns and villages across the nation of 126 million people. A privacy bill that some critics said was necessary to safeguard the registry was Introduced in the Japanese parliament, but failed to pass. A handful of Japanese municipalities, over government objections, decided against joining the network or were allowing residents to opt out.
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Title Annotation:opposition to national registry in Japan
Publication:New York Times Upfront
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Date:Oct 18, 2002
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