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Bar codes in manufacturing - part 3, learning the basics.

If you find you're developing an interst in bar coding, you likely want to learn more about the fundamentals of the technology, its applications in manufacturing, the equipment involved, and how to plan and implement systems. Here are five steps you can take to further your knowledge:

First, dig out copies of the August and September, 1985, issues of this magazine. They contain Parts 1 and 2 of the series; Part 1 explains the basic optics and electronics involved in bar coding, while Part 2 gives examples of various kinds of applications in metal products manufacturing.

Second, borrow or buy a copy of the book called Reading Between the Lines, by Craig Harmon and Russ Adams. Published by North American Technology Inc, Peterborough, NH, the book covers the entire technology in language you can understand. For details, circle the number next to the publisher's listing in the tables that follow.

Third, plan on attending the ScanTech 85 trade show and conference, coming Dec 2-5, at the Baltimore Convention Center. Sponsored by the Automatic Identification Manufacturers Inc trade association, the event will feature exhibits by about 150 suppliers on 35,000 sq ft of floor space.

The conference will include sessions on bar codes, scanners, printers, systems planning, and applications in manufacturing. Over 50 experts will give illustrated talks grouped in 13 separate half-day flights.

For details on the event, write to: AIM Inc, 1326 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, or call them at 412/782-1624.

Fourth, consider subscribing to one or both of the two specialized magazines in the field. Scan Journal is published by AIM Inc; Bar Code News comes from North American Technology Inc.

And fifth, use the tables that follow to get in touch with bar coding suppliers. Many of them provide not only brochures on their products, but also free literature that explains codes, scanners, systems, and so on.

Another source you may want to consider is the Bar Code Manufacturers Directory from North American Technologies Inc. Updated annually, the publication contains photos of products plus information on supplier personnel, products, and services. Suppliers are listed alphabetically, and an index shows which suppliers offer which kinds of products and services.

For descriptive literature and an order form, use the publisher's circle number in the table.
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Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Oct 1, 1985
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