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Bar's first e-vote set for March.

If you find the prospect of The Florida Bar's first electronic voting election in the Board of Governors March balloting a bit daunting, don't worry. There's e-help for the new e-voting., which is running the Bar's first electronic election, has set up an e-mail address for Bar members who might have questions about the procedure. The address is Those who prefer a different mode for technological assistance can phone (866) 720-HELP (4357).

Ballots will be mailed around February 26, and that's when will also begin accepting electronic votes. All votes, either electronic or by paper ballot, must be received by midnight March 21.

While this is the Bar's first experiment with electronic voting, there is a powerful incentive to have it be successful -- it costs less than half as much to cast and count an electronic ballot as a paper one.

To electronically vote, Bar members must have both their attorney number and a Ballot Control Number that will be on the paper ballot mailed to their office. They can log on to the site for the Bar election, or go to the Bar's website at, which will have a link to that site.

The complete voting instructions will be online. Those who do not want to vote electronically can fill out the paper ballot and return it.

Platform statements from the candidates will be available both online and in the Bar News. The statements are expected to be posted on the Bar's website early this month and will also run in the February 15 edition of the News. They will he available at the site by February 26, when voting starts.

Three of the board races -- Seat 4 in the 11th Circuit, Seat 5 in the 17th Circuit and for the one year remaining on President-elect designate Tod Aronovitz' 11th Circuit Seat -- have three or more candidates. If any of those result in a runoff, paper ballots will be mailed around March 30, the same day that the electronic runoff ballot will be available online. Votes must be cast in any runoff by midnight April 22.

Filing for Aronovitz' unexpired term continues until 5 p.m. February 13.
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Publication:Florida Bar News
Date:Feb 1, 2001
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