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Baptist is biggest.

Baptist Is Biggest

During the four years Arkansas Business has charted the financial health of the state's hospitals, the seven largest hospitals consistently have shown profits.

Baptist Medical Center at Little Rock, with 739 beds, is still the state's largest hospital. The title for highest profits continues to alternate between Baptist and St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center at Little Rock. Baptist rates as the state's most profitable hospital this year.

While the Big Seven were posting multimillion dollar profits, the Medical Center of South Arkansas at El Dorado was regrouping.

MSCA is No. 8 with 313 beds and a profit of $1.6 million. MSCA was formed when the ailing 175-bed Warner Brown Hospital merged with the financially healthier 124-bed Union Medical Center in 1987.

At the time of the merger, Union Medical had a return on revenues of 8.6 percent and an occupancy rate of 64.4 percent.

Warner Brown's return on revenues was a negative 1.7 percent, and its occupancy rate was 37.4 percent.

Sixty of the 95 hospitals surveyed were profitable. Twenty-six of the hospitals reported profits of more than $1 million.

Thirty-five of the 95 hospitals surveyed lost money. Five of them lost more than $1 million each.

Closed Cases

While many city hospitals have prospered, small community hospitals continue their struggle to survive.

Last year, Arkansas Business reported that since 1983, hospitals had closed at Batesville, Brinkley, Dermott, Gurdon, England, Hampton, Lewisville, Manila, Marianna, McCrory and Yellville.

Add Corning to the list.

The 44-bed Corning Community Hospital filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in May, listing debts of more than $6 million and assets of $886,000.

Corning Community Hospital recorded losses of $249,000 in 1987 and $27,000 in 1988. In 1989, the 40-bed facility posted a profit of $91,000. The following year, the hospital lost $409,000, and closure followed early this year.

New Possibilities

St. Joseph's Regional Health Center at Hot Springs ranks 14th in size with 214 beds. St. Joseph's will rise in the rankings when the hospital moves to a facility currently under construction.

The Hot Springs hospital is licensed for 317 beds, and the new building will have an immediate capacity of 219 beds. Space for another 41 beds will be added in 1992, possibly making St. Jospeh's one of the 10 largest hospitals in the state.

PHOTO : HEALTHY HOSPITAL: The 739-bed Baptist Medical Center at Little Rock, with 2,711 employees, is the largest hospital in the state. It also leads in profitability with 1990 net income of $10.8 million on revenues of $226.6 million.
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Author:Gibson, Carolyn
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jul 29, 1991
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