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Baptist Mission Work among Hispanics in the United States, 1837-1989. Hernandez, Twyla K. Report Jun 22, 2019 5115
Baptist Confessionalism: Unity and Diversity Among Baptist Associations in the Southern States During the Nineteenth Century. Lumpkins, E. Peter Frank; Pillay, Jerry Report Mar 22, 2019 7579
Land of promise: the first fifty years of Baptists in the Pacific Northwest. Kuykendall, Michael Mar 22, 2017 5300
Continental European Baptists in the Twentieth Century. Wardin, Albert W., Jr. Mar 22, 2017 3249
White Mississippi Baptist ministers who helped crack the walls of the "Closed Society," 1954-1974. Dollar, Charles M. Jun 22, 2015 5882
The birth and growth of the Baptist Missionary Association in America. Early, Joe, Jr. Organization overview Jun 22, 2014 3911
Pro-separation Baptists expand operations with revamped D.C. center. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 310
The founding four churches: an overview of Baptist beginnings in Montgomery County, Alabama: the year was 1923, and Baptists of Alabama were in a celebratory mood. Burton, Gary P. Mar 22, 2012 4271
Digitization--old and new working together to preserve and tell the Baptist story. Weaver, Doug Editorial Mar 22, 2011 593
"In the name of our God and our Baptist heritage": reflections on history and the Progressive National Baptist convention. Leonard, Bill J. Essay Mar 22, 2011 3993
The formation of the Progressive National Baptist Convention: Gardner Calvin Taylor and the PNBC in historical context. Martin, Sandy Dwayne Mar 22, 2011 3574
Salvation and sawdust: the rise and fall of a Baptist conversion liturgy. Leonard, Bill J. Essay Jun 22, 2010 5997
Being born again-and again, and again: conversion, revivalism, and Baptist spirituality. Allen, Wm. Loyd Essay Jun 22, 2010 5220
A company of faithful people. Williams, Michael E., Sr. Jan 1, 2010 652
The orphanage microcosm: shifts in social, institutional, and gender dynamics at the turn of the twentieth century in the Georgia Baptist Orphans' Home. Dickson, Alyson Organization overview Jun 22, 2009 4461
Baptists' baptisms dip. Brief article May 15, 2009 120
Baptist history, whirlwinds, and transitions. Durso, Pamela R. Editorial Mar 22, 2009 709
Retirement reflections: 10 points for 10 years. Deweese, Charles W. Mar 22, 2009 640
Saving Grace: Baptist archives and historical collections in North America. Hall, Taffey Report Mar 22, 2009 5299
Best for the church and best for the state. Durso, Pamela R. Jun 22, 2008 671
Publications ministry. Deweese, Charles W. Jun 22, 2008 611
"$400,000 for 400 years": Society Endowment Campaign. Deweese, Charles W. Mar 22, 2008 572
The Burnt Swamp Baptist Association: a fellowship of Indian Baptist churches. Mike Cummings Organization overview Mar 22, 2008 4863
Recruiting for missions: the Baylor volunteer foreign mission band, 1900-1906: the Protestant foreign mission movement in the United States began early in the nineteenth century, but as late as 1890, fewer than one thousand missionaries lived abroad. Pitts, Bill Essay Jan 1, 2008 6322
Baptist group fights fine for Cuba travel. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 193
Baptist missionary funding: from societies to centralization: baptists sprang from a well of separatism and independence. The absolute primacy of the local church was the heartbeat of the organism, energizing all other work. Tew, C. Delane Mar 22, 2006 4455
From Colporteurs to cooperative program: a century of Southern Baptist stewardship and the rise of the Southern Baptist Convention. Rowe, David L. Mar 22, 2006 4061
Angelina B. Buensuceso: harbinger of Baptist ordination of women in the Philippines: in 1934, a seventeen-year-old student named Angelina Belluga enrolled in the Baptist Missionary Training School (BMTS) in Iloilo City on Panay Island in the Philippines. Romarate-Knipel, Carla Gay A. Jan 1, 2006 3791
The Progressive National Baptist Convention: the Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC) was founded in 1961, in the aftermath of several years of conflict within the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc. (NBC). The conflict centered on two issues: (1) the tenure of president Joseph H. Jackson, and (2) the civil rights activism of Martin Luther King, Jr. (1). Williams, Lawrence H. Jan 1, 2005 3416
Unification to integration: a brief history of the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas: my first experience with the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas (HBCT) was as a Royal Ambassador staffer working with Noe Vella, director of Royal Ambassadors at Primera Iglesia Bautista in Corpus Christi, Texas. Reyes, Albert Jan 1, 2005 4654
The authority of a Baptist association: recently the authority of Baptist associations and state Baptist conventions has been headline news. Baptist historians have spent far more time studying Baptist associations than analyzing Baptist state conventions. The latter is a fertile, if boring, field for some intense investigation. Shurden, Walter B. Jan 1, 2005 532
Baptist historiography in the new century: what themes should we be addressing? Pierard, Richard V. Jun 22, 2004 5517
BH&HS takes key actions. Brief Article Jun 22, 2003 315
Awards presented. Brief Article Jun 22, 2003 143
Pam Durso new associate director. Jan 1, 2003 538
Annual meeting 2003. (News Notes). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 171
Annual state reports. (News Notes). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 86
Lynn E. May Jr., Study Grant Endowment Fund. (News Notes). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 99
A current resource and long-range planning: inescapably, the Baptist History and Heritage Society lives in three time zones. It deals with the past. It provides resources for churches today. It surges into tomorrow on the basis of its long-range plans. (An Executive Note). Deweese, Charles W. Jun 22, 2002 538
BH&HS adopts long-range plan. (News Notes). Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 200
Other key actions taken by the BH&HS. (News Notes). Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 215
Awards presented. (News Notes). Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 141
Future meeting sites approved. (News Notes). Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 96
Historians and their stories. Baptists have a rich and diverse history, a richness that this journal and several other journals of Baptist history explore. (Editorial). Hawkins, Merrill M., Jr. Jan 1, 2002 465
The BH&HS and Baptist higher education: the BH&HS made major strides forward in 2001. It changed its name. It created a new logo. (An Executive Note). Deweese, Charles W. Jan 1, 2002 538
Enduring legacy: William Wright Barnes and church history at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Baptist institutions possess a rich heritage of individuals who have attained legendary or near legendary status. Williams, Michael (British actor) Jan 1, 2002 7610
Albert Henry Newman: with a bibliography of writings that encompasses at least twenty-one pages, Albert Henry Newman (1852-1933) ranks as one of the most prolific and competent church historians Baptists have ever produced. Jonas, Glenn Jan 1, 2002 8816
Kenneth Scott Latourette. Kenneth Scott Latourette was not a historian of Baptists but rather a Baptist who was a historian of Christianity; he achieved wide recognition by virtue of the range of his work and the new perspectives that he offered. Pitts, William L. Jan 1, 2002 6673
The origins of the Southern Baptist Convention: a historiographical study: the purpose of this paper is to describe how white Baptist church historians of the South have interpreted the founding of the Southern Baptist Convention since 1845. Varnadoe, Lori Redwine Jan 1, 2002 8477
The state of state Baptist histories: within the past five years, scholars have published several histories of Baptists within a particular state. Each of these histories has been written by a Baptist "insider," and most have been published under the auspices of the statewide convention or association (1). Stowell, Daniel W. Jan 1, 2002 5135
When orphans became heirs: J.R. Graves and the Landmark Baptists. The nineteenth century found the American frontier ablaze with controversy. The veil of orthodoxy that united Western Christianity for sixteen hundred years had quickly disintegrated after the Protestant Reformation, leaving Christianity shaken, splintered, and at odds with itself. Hall, Chad W. Jan 1, 2002 5302
Fellowship of Baptist Historians. (News Notes). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 88
Baptist Agency May Fire Lesbian Counselor, But State Funding Is Still Issue. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 554
Don't Mess With Texas. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 162
NATION. Malcolm, Theresa Apr 7, 2000 1051
New Baptist history book publishing program: an executive note. Deweese, Charles W. Jun 22, 1999 359
The history of Southern Baptist History, 1938-1995. Holcomb, Carol Crawford Jun 22, 1999 3440
The history of Southern Baptist History: restructuring and the new SBHS. Yarbrough, Slayden A. Jun 22, 1999 4873
Southern Baptist Historical Society contributions update. (News Notes). Brief Article Jun 22, 1999 253
The day the truck unloaded: an executive note. Deweese, Charles W. Mar 22, 1999 430
Southern Baptist Historical Society. Jan 1, 1999 123
All in a day's work. Column Jan 1, 1998 186

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