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Banter is part of the game, but there are boundaries.

BANTER between football fans is nothing new, especially when their clubs are fierce local rivals.

Indeed, such jibes are part and parcel of the game, adding spice and humour.

Which supporter has not poked fun at another club's misfortunes? Which supporter hasn't bragged about a resounding victory? But there have to be boundaries to such exchanges because football is a game that can excite passions that can spill over into aggression.

And when that happens - as this city knows all too well - there can be tragic consequences.

The duo of dim-witted Wolves fans who filmed their smutty antics as they invaded Albion's pitch no doubt did so in high spirits rather than as a calculated attempt to cause trouble.

To post the footage on the internet would have been seen by them as just another laugh.

But such idiotic behaviour risks inflaming the tension that already exists between the two neighbours.

No doubt they will be held to account.

Quite right too. They were playing with fire.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Oct 18, 2011

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