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Banquet Supervisor at New York Athletic Club Allegedly in Late Night Orgies With Staff; Trade-Off is Choice Work Assignment.

Another abusive boss who uses his position and power to force his employees to have sex with him in exchange for choice work assignment has been unmasked. The New York Post identified him as 45-year-old Nesim Zuberi, a banquet supervisor at the New York Athletic Club.

The club, founded in 1868 and with about 8,600 members, is found at 1800 Cental Park South in Manhattan.

The report said that among his victims are waitresses and coat-check ladies whom he even videos and takes photos during their orgies, which he later shows to fellow employees of the club. Among the image he has shown them are his threesome with his wife and a Russian woman and his aroused genitals.

One of his victims, Keisi Ballenilla, a former banquet server, field a sex harassment suit against Mr Zuberi in 2011. The New York Post got a copy of Ms Ballenilla's deposition through her lawyer Joshua Friedman.

It was not only Mr Zuberi who was having sex with his female staff, but also a Catholic priest who moonlights at the club as a food server. Ms Ballenilla claimed the priest, who was her sex partner, even wore a Roman collar when he arrives for his shift, but changes into waiter uniform while at work.

Her forced sex sessions with Mr Zuberi took place at the club's 10th floor billiards room, often on top of the pool table. In 2009, after five years of forced sex, she became pregnant by her priest-lover, and despite her condition, her boss still demanded sex with her.

NYAC spokesman James O'Brien denied Ms Ballenilla's claim. He said after she filed a lawsuit, the club's legal counsel held an exhaustive probe and reached the conclusion her allegations were false.

Other club employees, however, had corroborated partially Ms Ballenilla's allegation.

Sex scandals involving athletic clubs are not new, but most of them involve jocks such as what is discussed in the video below, not employees of the club.
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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Aug 16, 2013
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