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Banning Cluster Munitions: Government Policy and Practice.

Banning Cluster Munitions: Government Policy and Practice, ISBN 978-097389554-4, 288 pages, published in May 2009 by Mines Action Canada; a joint project of Human Rights Watch, Landmine Action, Landmine Monitor, International Campaign to Ban Landmines, and Cluster Munition Coalition. The complete work can be found at


Banning Cluster Munitions: Government Policy and Practice documents the creation of the international treaty banning cluster munitions It looks at the engagement of governments in the Oslo Process, a diplomatic initiative started by Norway in November 2006 to create a legally binding instrument outlawing cluster munitions and establishing a framework for clearing contaminated areas and meeting the needs of victims of cluster munitions. The report also considers government practice with respect to the use, production, stockpiling, and transfer of cluster munitions.

Banning Cluster Munitions contains entries on 150 countries, including signatories to the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions, stockpiling countries, and affected states. It looks at the role played by civil society, particularly the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC), in helping to secure international support for the convention. It considers how the treaty was achieved using a diplomatic model pioneered over a decade ago in the creation of the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty, which prohibits antipersonnel mines and requires their clearance and assistance to victims.

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Date:Mar 22, 2010
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