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Bankstown residents protest against jet upgrade.


A plan by the Australian federal government to upgrade Bankstown airport in south-west Sydney so that it can receive Boeing 737 jet aircraft has angered local residents, with some 3,000 joining a protest rally on 12 February.

The rally, held at Bankstown Raceway, was the first such demonstration over the issue and stems from concern that the expansion of the regional airport will result in more noise and traffic, as well as a decrease in property values and residents' quality of life.

The Mayor of Bankstown has called the government's decision 'insidious and terrible,' stating: 'There was no consultation, no EIS [Environmental Impact Statement], no plans for supporting infrastructure and no details or strategic planning' according to The Daily Telegraph.

The shadow minister for transport has accused Prime Minister John Howard of betraying people in the area and has urged the citizens of western Sydney 'to basically tell Canberra we know what is good for western Sydney, not Kirribilli House [the Prime Minister's residence in Sydney].'

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
Date:Feb 13, 2001
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