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Bankruptcy filings.

Bankruptcies are filed under the following chapter headings.

Chapter 7--Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts discharged.

Chapter 13--Plan is devised by the individual to pay a percentage of debt based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay debts.

This information comes from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Spokane.

Chapter 7

Joseph Marion King and Jennifer Elizabeth King, 2047 S. Methow, Wenatchee. Filed Dec. 20.

William Thomas Taylor Sr., 33 Dietrich Road, Chelan. Filed Dec. 20.

Alice M. Waale, 1520 Rex Road, Wenatchee. Filed. Dec. 20.

Cody L. Farrington and Misty A. Farrington, P.O. Box 215, Mansfield. Filed Dec. 21.

Brian E. Dean and Tonda R, Dean, 18547 Camp 12 Road, Leavenworth. Filed Dec. 21.

Donald Brian Hall and Deveri Lucille Hall, 333-A Olds Station Road, Wenatchee. Filed Dec. 24.

Lee M. Everhart, 1429 S.E. First St., East Wenatchee. Filed Dec. 31.

Justin M. Bears and Samantha S. Bears, 207 Yakima St., No. 102, Wenatchee. Filed Dec. 31.

Michael A. Gardner, 13409 181st Ave. N.E., Snohomish (Creditor meeting in Wenatchee). Filed Dec. 31.

Colleen Lynn Harvey, 19651 Chiwawa Loop Road, Leavenworth. Filed Jan. 3.

Eugenio Barrera, 6790 Swakane Road, Wenatchee. Filed Jan. 4.

David John Moore, P.O. Box 1868, Chelan. Filed Jan. 7.

Naomi J. Bull, 15 N. Delaware, Wenatchee. Filed Jan. 7.

Brandon K. Edwards, P.O. Box 3533, Wenatchee. Filed Jan. 9.

Gerald L. Wesson, 144 N. Kansas Ave., East Wenatchee. Filed Jan. 11.

Jerry W. Fry and Georgia C. Fry, 409 Easy St., Wenatchee. Filed Jan. 14.

Erica Dawn Smith, 104 Ponderosa Road, East Wenatchee. Filed Jan. 14.

Brooke M. Smith, P.O. Box 3765, Wenatchee. Filed Jan. 14.

Connie S. Chin, 240 Sunset Ave., Wenatchee. Filed Jan. 16.

Chapter 13

Juan G. Martinez Jr. and Joanna Martinez, 1002 N. Colorado, East Wenatchee. Filed Dec. 22.

Robert M. Arreguin, 1340 S. Miller, Wenatchee. Filed Dec. 27.

Michael Wayne Denney and Ruth Aleisa Denney, P.O. BOx 2711, Chelan. Filed Jan. 10.

Kelly J. McDonnell, formerly known as Kelly J. Vickrey, 5905 Pioneer Drive, Cashmere. Filed Jan. 11.
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