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Bank robber on kid's bike.


A BRITISH diplomat in Florida has revealed the bizarre tale of Scotland's dumbest bank robber.

Hugh Hunter told how the teenager tried to escape with $4000 on a child's pushbike - only for the cash to scatter all over the street.

The student - who was on a gap year in the US - flew head-first first over the handlebars and was caught by police moments later.

Hunter - former vice consul in Orlando - had to help the thief as he faced trial.

The 48-year-old said: "He was a teenage gap year student from Strathclyde University without any money.

"In desperation, he opened a car door hoping to find something to steal and came up with a gun. He'd no idea how to sell the gun so decided to rob a bank.He walked in, held up the cashier and got $4000 which he stuffed down the front of his trousers."

The story is told in Hunter's book Our Man In Orlando. The unnamed robber was jailed for five years for the heist a decade ago.

Hunter said: "As he pedalled off, the money flew out of his trousers and into the street.

"He wrote such an abject letter of apology to the bank tellers, they wrote to the judge demanding clemency.

"That Scot was the most inept bank robber ever."
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Aug 29, 2010
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