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Bank pays back flight cash over suspect website; IN ASSOCIATION WITH.

Every week, Which? will be giving you advice on some of the everyday dilemmas consumers face - from how to fit a child car seat correctly to complaining about a delayed flight on your holiday. We'll answer your questions and deal with companies who fail to answer your complaints.

Whether it's concerns about faulty goods or a question about your pension, we are here to help.

ASK WHICH? I PAID PS4,144 booking flights online using my Barclays debit card. When I checked with the airline, Virgin, it had not received payment, and the booking website had disappeared. I contacted Barclays for help, but it said it couldn't do anything as I had given the company my card details and it was more than 120 days since I had made the booking. Can I get my money back? NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED WHICH? SAYS WE ASKED Barclays to see whether it could request a chargeback to get the money refunded. It has now credited your bank account with PS4,144 and has given you PS145 as an apology.

Barclays said: "We're sorry that we gave incorrect information and should have tried to get the money back using the Visa Chargeback Scheme.

"However, after reviewing the case, and because the customer has been unable to contact the booking company, we treated it as fraud and refunded the money faster than by using the Visa dispute process."

CARD PAYMENTS AND FRAUD | BE CAREFUL when booking flights or holidays online as there are lots of fake websites. If you think you've been scammed, contact your bank or credit card company. Ask it to do a chargeback to query the payment and ask the retailer to refund the money. If you paid by credit card, you are also protected under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The credit card company is liable for breach of contract or misrepresentation for goods and services that cost PS100 to PS30,000. | CHECK statements carefully each month for unauthorised transactions and make sure that you do proper research into the company you are booking with and check customer reviews.

| | EVERY week we will deal with your issues: If you have a complaint that you feel hasn't been resolved to your satisfaction please email us: We will read every email but cannot promise to address every issue.


Chargeback schemes may be helpful

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