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Bank lethargy.

Banks do not approve loans, citizens face difficulties paying debts and firms cannot gain capital for investment. The bankers and the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia (NBM) do not say that the situation will be improved in the near future. On the contrary, they say that the slow credit dynamic is to continue, analyzes Sonja Madzovska in Utrinski vesnik. Who should be blamed for the total lethargy in the bank sector, Madzovska wonders. While banks strictly pick their clients, the companies direct their energy on survival instead of development and investments. The business requires a mutual, coordinated politics between the Government and National Bank of Macedonia, meaning that the country should stop making debts on the domestic market and that NBM should reduce the rate of interests.
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Title Annotation:MicNews at 10am
Publication:Opinion Piece in Macedonian Press
Date:Nov 12, 2009
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