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Banish fear... and the fear of reprisals; WeSAY IN OUR OPINION.

YOUTHS stalking the streets, armed with knivei s, knucn kle-dusters c and baseball e bats, conjures up a vision of some US inner city nightmare.

But according to claims,l rather than some depressing e American crime drama, that could nowo sum up the grim reality of life for some residents on one city estate.

Theh truth of whath is reallyl happening a on the streets of Llanrumneye is understandablayl murku y,k amid claimsl gang violence is going under-rer ported. e As we reve e al today,a ordinary,y decent familiesa are said to be too scared to report e dozens of instances of violence.

And yet police havea confirmed there havea been a numberu of serious assaults, allegedly l invon lving weapons.

We welcome the police attempts to curb the problem - both in increased patrols and a special operation invon lving airport-style metal detectors.

But if residents saya theye are not feeling safe in their ownw communities, more still needs to be done - not least to ensure theye havea no fear of reprisals. e
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 20, 2013
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