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Bangladesh hit with general strike.

DHAKA, Jan. 9 Kyodo

Several leaders of Bangladesh's opposition Awami League, including the former home and agriculture ministers, were injured in a melee with police in Dhaka during a general strike Wednesday.

Witnesses said the police also beat several members of parliament during the strike called to protest recent fuel and electricity price hikes.

Elsewhere, however, the strike was generally peaceful according to reports reaching the capital.

The half-day industrial action was the first nationwide shutdown called by the Awami League since it was forced into opposition in the general election in October won by the Bangladesh National Party.

General strikes are often used by those in opposition to press their demands outside parliament.

All educational institutions, markets and most private offices were closed in Dhaka and government offices operated at reduced levels.
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Publication:Asian Political News
Date:Jan 14, 2002
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