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Banff in NY for fun and work.

The Center for Communications in New York recently hosted a salute to the Banff TV Festival, with seminars, screenings and a party. At the first panel, The New Television Geography, moderated by journalist Les Brown, U.S. professor John Eger and Canadian producer Pat Ferns, presented two different TV worlds: The first scenario showed a hunger for U.S. TV shows, the latter a need for cultural protection.

Other panelists included Carolco's Michelle Kearney, and Dentsu's Yuji Minami. The second seminar, Will it Play in Perugia, confronted Hearst's William Miller, ABC's Maria Komodikis, PBS' Mary Herne, Primedia's Pat Ferns. The topic: the play on words of NATPE's famous seminar, Will It Play in Peoria?

In other news, Banff TV Fest program head Jerry Ezekiel has been appointed director of the festival, replacing Carrie Hunter, who will remain as a consultant.
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Title Annotation:The World; Banff TV Festival
Publication:Video Age International
Date:Oct 1, 1991
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