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Bands of glass blocks for light, privacy.

Bands of glass blocks for light, privacy

To see through or not to see through: that's the question resolved in this kitchen and small courtyard.

To gain extra daylight without sacrificing privacy, San Francisco architect William Stout placed glass-block bands 15 inches above the courtyard floor and behind the kitchen counter. The blocks catch and seem to magnify the light.

For air circulation and to frame a view, Stout placed a same-length opening in the wall above the courtyard's blocks. Its height permits views out while restricting views in. The success of the arrangement is due to the careful alignment of windows, walls, and counters.

Photo: Pass-through and large window blur boundaries between kitchen and courtyard. Other openings admit light, preserve privacy

Photo: Glowing glass band behind sink counter floods kitchen with light from outside
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Date:Apr 1, 1988
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