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Bands Connect with Fans via Rabble, the First Mobile Blogging Community; Nitro, Sub Pop and Trustkill Records Join the First Mobile Blogging Community, Keeping Bands in Touch With Fans in Real Time From the Road.

SAN DIEGO -- Rabble Allows Individuals, Groups or Companies to Create, Publish and Share Content and Connect with Others Based on Location or Areas of Interest

Intercasting Corporation, the first Location-Aware Media Networking Operator (LMNO), today announced that several major alternative and hard rock record labels have joined the Rabble community. Rabble is the first mobile blogging application for cell phones, designed to empower individuals to create, publish and share media and connect with others based on proximity or areas of interest. Music labels including Nitro, Sub Pop and Trustkill Records are now using Rabble to connect with fans across the country.

Verizon Wireless customers with select Get It Now-enabled phones can sign up for Rabble to create and distribute their own content and connect with others via a fun and intuitive interface right on their mobile. Rabble turns Get It Now customers into media producers, inviting them to create and publish content on their phones to inform, entertain and interact with others.

"We noticed a few independent bands using Rabble to connect with their fans so we reached out to some of our favorite music labels, Sub Pop, Nitro and Trustkill," said Derrick Oien, founder and President of Intercasting Corporation. "They immediately saw the value of enabling their bands to connect with their fans on their mobile phones. These labels embrace technology to promote their artists on leading Internet sites like MySpace and Pure Volume. Rabble allows music fans to keep up to date on their favorite bands with the latest news, show dates and photos right from their pocket, and also adds something unique - the ability to message with their favorite musician on their mobile phone."

Several major independent record labels are now involved in the Rabble community. Nitro Records, home to catalogs of popular bands such as AFI and The Offspring and current home of bands including Rufio, The Aquabats, A Wilhelm Scream and The Letters Organize, has joined Rabble and launched content "channels" on the service for several bands. Major indie rock label Sub Pop Records, home of bands such as Sleater-Kinney, The Shins, Postal Service and Rogue Wave, is also setting up channels where bands can post personal, up-to-date messages about current tours and projects. Finally, Trustkill Records artists including Fight Paris, Roses Are Red and Bedlight For Blue Eyes are using Rabble and have already created some of the most popular channels on the network. Rabble is powerful yet easy to use, and since it is location-aware, users can easily search for upcoming shows in their area, or find out when their favorite band is coming to town. It is convenient for bands to update their "channels," since all that is required to use Rabble is a standard mobile phone.

"Several of our bands are already hooked on Rabble," said Josh Grabelle, President, Trustkill Records. "They love the ability to connect with fans in real time when they are on the move, and it's also another outlet of self-expression for them."

Capitalizing on the massive consumer trend toward Internet blogging, Rabble users can publish personalized media channels to allow Rabble users to promote themselves, connect with like-minded individuals or groups, give voice to opinions, discuss events, report news, review locales and more. Rabble users define their own limits or rules that govern who can access their channel of information - and this feature allows them to maintain control over the distribution of personal content. Rabble users can conduct powerful searches of user-generated content based on interest, time, location or browse the available community around them to connect with one individual or many. Though it is a fully mobile-centric blogging application, Verizon Wireless Get It Now customers who use many of the top blogging sites can use Rabble as a tool to publish to their existing blog on the web or import their existing blog to Rabble.

"Direct contact with fans has always been essential for any indie label. The new challenge is competing with the bombardment of information that our audience gets from so many different sources," said Jerod Gunsberg, Head of Sales and Marketing, Nitro Records. "Rabble allows us to cut through the static to get right to the people who want information. It is also invaluable for distributing exclusive content and allowing fans to be the first to know about new music."

"I love the idea of giving fans the ability to build their own communities revolving around music. It's a great opportunity for us to just provide the access to music and information and then allow the fans to align themselves organically around the artists that they actually care about. To me, that's infinitely preferable to trying to force our artists on audiences through fixed marketing channels," remarked Dean Hudson, Sub Pop Records Director of New Media.

On Verizon phones, Rabble is available in the getMESSAGING shopping aisle of the Get It Now virtual store for $2.99 monthly access. Rabble is available on select Get It Now-enabled phones, including the LG VX4500, VX4600, VX6000, VX6100 and VX8000; Samsung SCH-a570, SCH-a650, SCH-a670 and SCH-n330; Motorola v710; Audiovox CDM-8900 and CDM-8910; and Verizon Wireless' CDM8940.

Download charges for Get It Now applications vary and airtime charges apply when browsing, downloading and using certain applications. Customers need a Get It Now-enabled handset and Verizon Wireless digital service to access the virtual store. Consumers should use caution when distributing or disclosing any personal information.

Rabble will launch on additional mobile carriers in the near future. For more information about Rabble and Intercasting Corp. please visit or For more information about getting Rabble on Verizon phones, visit

About Intercasting Corporation

Founded in June 2004, Intercasting Corporation, based in San Diego, is the first Location-Aware Media Networking Operator (LMNO) providing applications for personal mobile devices. Intercasting Corp. is partnering with global wireless carriers to bring to market applications that leverage the growth of mobile media devices, allowing people to communicate with each other and capture news and information as it occurs. Through Intercasting Corp.'s debut offering, Rabble, consumers can create and consume media through their personal, portable media devices, connecting with others who share similar interests, experiences or proximity. For more information, visit

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