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Bandai America Unwraps the Hottest Superheroes, Virtual Pets & Transforming Aliens This Holiday Season.

Popular Power Rangers, Tamagotchi[R] and Ben 10TM Toys Sure to Top Every Young Child's Wish List This Year

CYPRESS, Calif. -- An industry leader for introducing some of the most popular trends from Japan, Bandai America Incorporated reveals its wish list of the hottest toys for boys and girls of all ages this coming holiday season.

"From the awesome action of the Power Rangers and alien adventures of Ben 10, to the world's first and most popular 'virtual pet' Tamagotchi, Bandai America knows what kids want in their stockings this year," said Michael Riley, vice president of marketing for Bandai America. "As the toymaker for some of the most popular children's entertainment properties around, we offer a wealth of action figures, playsets, role-play and other toys that inspire kids of all ages to use their imaginations and play out fun adventures."

Recently, the Power Rangers Solar Streak Megazord, Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 tech toy and Ben 10 transforming 8" Metamorfigures were named as 2006 All Stars by Toy Wishes Magazine. Considered to be the brightest and most innovative toys, across 20 different categories, by the magazine's editorial board, these Bandai products are expected to be at the top of holiday wish lists this year.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

For more than 13 years, Power Rangers has remained one of the top boys' toy brands as a result of its ability to reinvent itself yearly with dynamic themes that resonate with kids. In 2006, fans were introduced to an exciting new season that combines dragons, magic and Megazords in a colossal assortment of action figures, vehicles, playsets and role-play toys. An exclusive feature available online, Bandai America offers fans the ability to create their own personalized Power Rangers gift wish lists by logging on to

"GIFTS UNDER $10" - MYSTIC MORPHERS: These electronic role-play toys let kids morph into their favorite Power Rangers hero. The Mystic and Fury Edition Morpher have two modes, Cell Phone and Wand, and the keypad activates lights and sounds as seen on the show. Special key combinations unlock even bigger sounds. The Solar Cell and Fierce Dragon Morpher also come with a keypad with lights and sounds, as well as a removable attachment that can be added to the top of the toy for more role-play fun. (SRP $9.99; ages 4+; 2 AAA batteries required)

"GIFTS OVER $20" - VOICE-ACTIVATED MYSTIC LION STAFF: This is the ultimate Power Rangers role-play toy of all time! The large scale Mystic Lion Staff offers 2 play modes: Blaster and Wand Mode. The Wand has action lights and sounds that are activated by the press of a button. Blaster mode offers a cool voice activated action feature. Kids use their voice to launch the soft foam disks at a target. (SRP $29.99; ages 4+; 2 AA required)

"MUST-HAVES FOR BOYS" - DELUXE MEGAZORDS: As seen on the show, the Titan Megazord morphs into 3 modes for tons of play value. Titan mode features 5 separate super Zords that combine to form the Megazord, which can then also transform into a dragon (with the Red Zord riding on its back). Steedergon Fury comes with 2 Zords and can morph into three modes: Megazord, Centaurus (where the Zords are combined to form a steed) and Battle mode (one Zord rides on the other like a steed). Solar Streak comes with 6 vehicles that combine to form a Megazord or can be configured into a locomotive train. All three come with an exclusive collectible Power Rangers poster! (SRP $39.99; ages 4+; 2 AA required)

"MUST-HAVES FOR BOYS" - DELUXE PLAYSET: As the Power Rangers' secret lair, the Dragon Rootcore Command Center offers two play modes, Dragon Tower and Train, and features missile firing, cycle launcher, zip line, trap jaw, ejector seat and more. Attach your Mystic Force Speeders (not included) to the special launcher to watch them race away to fight evil. In Train Mode, your figures and two-wheel cycles can be stored in the compartment to take them to their next important mission. Comes with an exclusive 5" Dragon Fire Ranger figure. (SRP $39.99; ages 4+; 2 AA required)


The world's first and most popular "virtual pet" is back with a brand new interactive Web site called Now, the most dynamic Tamagotchi ever created allows fans to go online to visit Tamagotchi Town, where Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi and all their friends live and play. And for the ultimate fashion statement, the new "Gotchi Gear" products can be attached to everything from backpacks, cell phones, belt loops, and even your Tamagotchi! (More product information can be found online at

"MUST-HAVES FOR BOYS & GIRLS" - TAMAGOTCHI CONNECTION[R] VERSION 3: Using "Gotchi Points" and special passwords, you can go online to to shop at the mall, eat at the food court, go to school, watch a movie in the theater, visit with your virtual pet's parents, receive a map and keys to the city in the Town Hall, and even travel the world to exotic destinations. In addition, you can still "connect" your Tamagotchi with others via the awesome infrared technology to have your pets play games, share gifts and become friends with one another. There are 24 new design styles to choose from - the most ever introduced in one year! (SRP $14.99; ages 6+; comes with a CR-2032 battery)

"GIFTS UNDER $10" - TAMAGOTCHI POUCH & LANYARD: These fun character pouches are perfect for storing and carrying your Tamagotchi. Featuring a 3.5" Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi, the velcro pouch keeps your virtual pet snug, while the included lanyard allows you to wear your toy around your neck anywhere you go. (SRP $7.99; ages 6+)

"STOCKING STUFFER" - TAMAGOTCHI LANYARDS: Kids can wear their virtual pet around their neck wherever they go with the stylish Tamagotchi lanyard, or Tama Leash. Each features a colorful lanyard with a miniature character figurine of Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Ichigotchi, Violetchi or Gozarutchi. It can also be used to hold your keys and charms. (SRP $5.99; 6+)

"STOCKING STUFFER" - TAMAGOTCHI CHARMS: Decorate your Tamagotchi in style with these charms that feature a miniature version of Mametchi, Memetchi or Kuchipatchi along with collectible items commonly found in the magical world of TamaTown. Each comes with three charms that are connected together. (SRP $4.99; ages 6+)

Ben 10

Ten year old Ben Tennyson is not your average hero. While traveling the country on summer vacation, he discovers a strange device resembling a wristwatch inside a meteorite. Called the "Omnitrix," it becomes permanently locked on his wrist, yet gives Ben the ability to transform into 10 different alien beings each with unique powers and abilities C* while retaining his precocious 10-year-old personality! Based on the hit Cartoon Network series, and featuring action figure play unlike anything today, Ben 10 includes one-of-a-kind figures, dynamic role-play and other products.

"GIFTS UNDER $10" - 6" FEATURE FIGURES: The 6" DNA Alien Heroes have some of the most unique features of any action figure. Reminiscent of the DNA that fuses into Ben's body from the Omnitrix, these figures ooze DNA slime bubbles from their bodies when you press the button on their backs. Heatblast also has a red light-up head and Fourarms can punch with his four arms. Diamondhead features a light-up head, missile firing and an arm filled with glow-in-the-dark slime. (SRP $8.99; ages 4+)

"GIFTS UNDER $20" - 8" TRANSFORMING FIGURES: These large scale Metamorfigures start off as harmless aliens, but transform into cool mini role-play toys. Reconfigure his head, arms and legs, and Heatblast changes into a working flashlight. Once completely transformed, Greymatter turns into binoculars, while Ripjaws becomes a functioning squirt gun. (SRP $12.99; ages 4+)

"GIFTS UNDER $20" - ROLE-PLAY: The Omnitrix F/X allows boys to become their favorite hero Ben Tennyson and reenact all his fun alien adventures. This awesome role-play toy can be worn on your wrist and features red and green flashing lights, as well as transformation sound effects, seen on the show. Images of each of the aliens are also featured on the face of the Omnitrix. (SRP $14.99; ages 4+; comes with a CR-2032 battery)

"MUST-HAVES FOR BOYS" - DELUXE PLAYSET: Although it's an exact replica of grandpa Max's "Rust Bucket," this isn't your everyday RV as it opens up to reveal an Alien Laboratory where kids can conduct their own experiments. The included supplies allow you to create your own miniature figures using reusable clay and character molds. Add water to the beaker and drop in the 2 Transforming Alien Rocks to see which 1" translucent character will appear after the DNA has oozed off. Comes with 3 exclusive animation disks, which feature 8 animation cels from the show of Ben transforming into an alien and can be viewed with the special microscope (additional animation disks and Alien Rocks come in the lineup). (SRP $29.99; ages 4+)

About Bandai America Incorporated

A leader in introducing Japanese toy trends to the United States, Bandai America Incorporated is a subsidiary of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings (USA) Inc., a newly formed entity that resulted from the integration of Namco Ltd. and Bandai Co. Ltd. of Japan. Global interests now encompass five strategic business units: toys and hobby (toys, models, apparel and sundries), amusement facilities, game content (home and arcade console gaming), mobile content, and visual and music content (including home entertainment). Bandai America is the manufacturer and master toy licensee of some of the most popular brands in children's toys and entertainment today, including Power Rangers, Ben 10 and Tamagotchi. The company is headquartered in Cypress, California, and information is available at
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