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Band of Brothers.

Alexander Fullerton. 1996/2001. Read by Christopher Kay. 6 tapes. 7 hrs. Soundings, ISIS Publishing. 1-84283-022-8. $61.95. Vinyl; content, reader, author notes. SA

The tide does not refer to the recent HBO television program of this title, nor to the book by Stephen Ambrose on which the program is based. Here, two WW II stories are woven together; loyalty and friendship are tested on land and sea.

Main character Ben Quarry is an Australian. His motor torpedo boat (MTB) is part of a flotilla sent on a mission to sink the German battleship, Heilbrunner. When they engage the enemy, a rip-roaring battle ensues. Some die, others are wounded, engines break down, and one boat is lost. Still they pursue their quarry in the tradition of Sir Francis Drake and Her Majesty's Navy. Problems on land revolve around women. Ben's fiance is reluctant to marry until after the war. Two members of the crew discover that their skipper's wife is unfaithful and debate whether or not to tell him.

Reader Kay makes the characters come to life and adds excitement to his voice when he describes the battle. The story is filled with British Navy acronyms, such as MTB, MGB, SO, and CO. They are annoying at first but gradually just become part of the text. Sexual innuendo and profanity come with the territory. Prof. John E. Boyd, Jenkintown, PA
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Author:Boyd, John E.
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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