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Band goes where others fear to tread.

Byline: Craig S. Semon

Often pushing the traditional sounds of their God-given and chosen instruments in strange and unique new ways, Angels and Artifice - an experimental improvisational trio featuring seasoned musicians trumpeter Jerry Sabatini, drummer Mike Connors and saxophonist/bass clarinetist Chris Veilleix - will utilize anything at their disposal (and we mean anything) in an effort to create cinematic sound portraits and sonic dialogs drawn from the experience of living.

Through extended, "stream-of-conscientiousness improvisations," Angels and Artifice's music dances lightly, plods clumsily, or screams with excitement or humor or angst.

If you are brave enough to deeply explore the challenges of expressing the inexpressible and venture forth where the subconscious spirit meets the conscious mastery of these performers, Angels and Artifice promises to deliver an intimate and uniquely personal in-the-moment live performance.

The band performs tomorrow

in "The Front Room" of WCUW Radio, 910 Main St., Worcester. Doors open at 7 PM.

Opening act, the Dick Hummel Quartet, performs at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10, $8 WCUW Members/Students.
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Date:Nov 20, 2009
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