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Band's beliefs.

THE James Larkin Republican Flute Band (RFB) rejects the associations made by the Liverpool ECHO between this band, Mr Pat McDonnell, Republican Sinn Fein and the Continuity IRA.

At no time has the James Larkin RFB had any political connections to the above named individual or organisations.

In fact, the James Larkin RFB is politically opposed to these organisations and is fully supportive of the current peace process in Ireland.

The James Larkin RFB is appalled by the manner in which the ECHO has attempted to connect the court appearance of Mr Pat McDonnell and his alleged political beliefs with the band.

The ECHO's insinuation that the band is an "extremist" organisation is a direct attack upon the political beliefs shared by the majority of Irish people in this country i. e. the belief in the need for the reunification of our country and the continuation of the current peace process.

Irish nationalists and republicans have been to the forefront of developing the current peace process which has almost brought an end to war in the north of Ireland. The article in the ECHO does not acknowledge this at all.

Instead, what we had was a thinly veiled racist attack upon our community in Liverpool by the ECHO and an attempt to enforce a view of Irishness in this city of happy go lucky Guinness swilling Irish, which the ECHO would be more comfortable with.

Our purpose is to promote and celebrate Irish music, culture and political pride and awareness on Merseyside.

We support the aim of the establishment of a democratic 32 county Irish socialist republic. We believe that this is the only way to ensure genuine peace and justice in Ireland.

P O'Neill, secretary, James Larkin Republican Flute Band
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 29, 2002
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