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Balzers enters research agreement in Austria.

Balzers, a global leader in PVD coatings, has inaugurated a research laboratory in Innsbruck, Austria, together with three cooperating partners: Plansee AG (Austria), the Montan University Leoben (Austria), and the University of Innsbruck (Austria). The focus in research is on the development and characterization of innovative, thin hard coatings for tools.

Scientists at the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Advanced Hard Coatings will develop customized coatings for specific manufacturing processes. They will analyze the composition and structure of the coating materials, coating growth, and induced coating structures, as well as the associated coating properties and real-world application behavior.

Balzers is convinced that the potential of PVD coatings and their fields of application are far from fully exploited. "We are active in a domain where the possibilities seem to be endless. We have many ideas as to where we can explore new avenues for PVD coatings and are now developing the fundamentals for this journey with respected experts as research partners," explains Dr. Wolfgang Kalss, head of R&D in tool coatings at Balzers. "For this reason, we decided to join forces with Christian Doppler Laboratory for Advanced Hard Coatings." Balzers Inc., Booth 2748,
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Date:Aug 1, 2004
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