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Baltic yearbook of international law; v.5, 2005.


Baltic yearbook of international law; v.5, 2005.

Ed. by Ineta Ziemele.



383 pages



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The special theme of this edition is humanitarian intervention and other uses of force, and includes such topics as revisiting the issue of self-defense in the case of preventive uses of force and military action against non-state actors, the impact of globalization on humanitarian intervention, the changing German position on the use of force, and the failure of UN peacekeeping in Kosovo. Topics of general articles include the restrictive theory of state immunity in Lithuania and the possibility of subrogation of state responsibility in the Baltic legations in Paris, with reviews of materials, including books and Laval journals, on international law from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Martinus-Nijhoff is an imprint of Brill.

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Date:Feb 1, 2006
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