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Balochistan Glass Limited.

Balochistan Glass Limited

Balochistan Glass Limited (BGL) is a public limited company of Habib Group which operates a most modern Glass Container Manufacturing Plant at Hub some 30 k.m. away from Karachi, Plant was erected and commissioned in 1982 and started its commercial production in early 1983 as a turnkey project by world renowned Furnace builders Messrs. K.T.G. The factory provides employment for some 350 people. Since its inception BGL has been actively contributing and participating in the development of Socio-economic conditions of the local community of Hub area.

The company has been producing quality glass containers for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other allied industries. The manufacture of Tallwares, Jars, returnable soft drinks and juice bottles in white flint and green glass accounts for the major portion of production at BGL. Some 80-85 per cent of this production is sold in domestic market with the remaining being exported to Asian, African and Middle East countries. When BGL came into production a very sad state of affairs existed in the country. Precious and hard earned foreign exchange was being spent on the import of glass containers. BGL enjoys the pride of being one of the glass container manufacturing companies which by their sole efforts not only eliminated import of glass containers for beverage, but also started earning foreign exchange by exporting glass bottles by competing other countries both in quality and cost.

Production Facilities

After a successful campaign of 7 years BGL has done its first major Rebuild in mid 1990 which was undertaken by KTG of UK. A fully automatic Batch Plant feeds one Heavy oil fired, end-fired regenerative furnace to melt soda lime flint and green glass. Imported heavy fuel oil which is very expensive is being used for melting glass because Natural Gas has not yet been made available to BGL. The furnace serves two production lines. Both the Forehearths are LPG fired with KW-81 feeders. Forming equipments comprise of 2 Emhart 6 Sections, Double Gob I.S. Machines. Both the machines have the provision and flexibility of single Gob conversion for one litre bottle production. Both the Annealing Lehrs are built by S.A.S. and are electrically heated with hot and cold end coating equipment. All bottles are single lined to pass through Squeeze Tester, Powers DualHead gauger and check master for on line quality assurance. After inspection bottles pass on to turntable for manual packing. Beverage and juice bottles are packed in wooden crates. Tallware and jars are packed in other packing materials supplied by the customers.

The company has its own Silica Sand processing and benefication plant. BGL's chemical and quality assurance facilities can easily be compared with many other glass works around the world. In addition the Mould Shop not only carries out mould repairs but is producing some of original glass making moulds from Raw and Semi finished castings.


In addition to meeting the domestic demand, BGL has ventured successfully into export markets and has sold bottles in most competitive markets. Melting of soda lime green glass and manufacture of green bottles by BGL in 1984 for Lemon and Lime soft drinks marked a giant step in Technological advancement in the glass container Industry in Pakistan. Melting of green glass is more difficult as compared to flint glass because of its associated heat absorption and radiation problems. That is why the specific melt rate/sq, meter on green glass is low as compared to melt rate achieved on flint glass.


While the returnable glass containers still dominate the domestic market, there are signs that lightweight single trip container should take a foothold in near future. The Company has already taken steps for such development. BGL is in the process of installing "Vertiflow" on one I.S. Machine for production of quality non-returnable single trip bottles. The company has already supplied lightweight bottles to domestic market, but it was maintained that home market was not ready to accept container of this type.

Inspite of international trend towards lightweighting, the traditional returnable glass container remained preferred option in Pakistan due to low per capita income. Some bottlers believe that returnable glass container will continue to play a major role in Pakistan glass packing industry due to the major determinants of cost, consumer and need. However, the required Technology and experience exists at BGL to make single trip lightweight bottles should the customers requirement change in that direction. BGL is ready and able to meet such a demand.

Problems & Prospects

The glass container Industry in which 95 per cent indigenous Raw Material is used and is meeting the country's demand is confronted with many problems. Heavy duty structure on imports of Refractories, spares and thermoplastic colours which are not produced locally is a heavy burden on this industry.

If the Government allows certain incentives this industry is capable of rising to the expectations and can earn more foreign exchange which the country needs urgently to achieve self sufficiency and reduce dependency on foreign aid. Government support is requested to bring the Industry out of crisis so that the glass container Industry should enter the 21st century with commitment to cost and quality. BGL pledges to continue its efforts in the development and well being by working hard and contributing towards the national exchequer which Balochistan is going to share as announced by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
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