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Taylor Stanley: The New York City Ballet principal takes the reins with his own program at Jacob's Pillow. Harss, Marina Interview Jun 24, 2022 704
Spotty Bone Marrow: A Frequent MRI Finding in the Feet of Ballet Dancers. Gorelik, Natalia; Casagranda, Bethany U.; Colucci, Philip G.; Green, Julie L.; Roedl, Johannes B.; M Report Jun 1, 2022 5886
Breaking Free: What if company life weren't the only way to thrive in ballet? Hilton, Haley Jun 1, 2022 1687
Calvin Royal III: Principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre. Jun 1, 2022 577
Ballet Philippines dares to 'dance where no one else has' for its 53rd season. May 26, 2022 1101
Going to the Source: "[COVID-19] was a bullet that was meant to be fired [by China], but likely was fired by mistake sooner than intended, at the wrong place, and in the wrong way.". O'neill, John E. May 1, 2022 1958
DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION: Calvin Royal III wants to help "break ballet out of the 18th century.". Starr, Alexandra Critical essay May 1, 2022 2575
Imani Sailers. Howard, Theresa Ruth May 1, 2022 509
BOUNDARY BREAKER: Known for His dazzling versatility, Jeffrey Cirio returns to his roots at Boston Ballet. Deocariza, April May 1, 2022 1569
Recovery-Stress States of Professional Ballet Dancers During Different Phases of a Ballet Season. Wet, Jana S. De; Africa, Eileen; Venter, Ranel Report Mar 1, 2022 6619
Bright Light: Newly promoted to principal at New York City Ballet, Indiana Woodward brings a human touch to every role. Lansky, Chava Pearl Cover story Mar 1, 2022 1467
Ballet Could Be a Home for Autistic Dancers Like Me: How teachers can make their classes more welcoming for neurodivergent dancers. Demaionewton, Emily Mar 1, 2022 1109
The Throwback Ballerina: In a sea of hypermobile bodies, San Francisco Ballet principal Nikisha Fogo beguiles audiences with the clarity and elegance of her dancing. Howard, Theresa Ruth Dec 1, 2021 1515
ONE FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS: Retiring from The Royal Ballet this month, Edward Watson leaves a lasting legacy in his wake. Cappelle, Laura Interview Oct 1, 2021 1438
Susan Jaffe: The former American Ballet Theatre star reflects on taking the reins at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre in the midst of a pandemic. Sucato, Steve Interview Mar 1, 2021 558
My Multi-hyphenate Life: The American Ballet Theatre principal, drag queen, pop musician and influencer on why creativity needn't be confined to one part of your life. Interview Mar 1, 2021 662
Why Is It So Hard to Diversify Ballet Faculties? As several major company schools hire full-time Black ballet teachers, its time to look at why its taken so long. Howard, Theresa Ruth Mar 1, 2021 1421
Eyes on the Prize: Fueled by a serious drive, Skylar Brandt has made it to the top of American Ballet Theatre--without losing her goofball sense of humor. Fuhrer, Margaret Interview Feb 1, 2021 1840
Here Comes the Sun: New York City Ballet soloist Jovani Furlan moves with open-hearted warmth, both onstage and off. Escoyne, Courtney Interview Nov 1, 2020 1731
Reimagining the Ballet Body: What would it really take to leave behind the aesthetic of extreme thinness? Henderson, Garnet Aug 1, 2020 1508
This ballet dancer shares tips on staying in shape. Interview Jul 21, 2020 737
Stella Abrera: The American Ballet Theatre principal retires and embarks on a new role. Foster, Hannah Interview Jun 1, 2020 607
No, New Moms Don't Just "Bounce Back": Returning to the stage after giving birth was a balancing act for this Pacific Northwest Ballet principal. Orza, Sarah Ricard; Peters, Jen May 1, 2020 1187
Discovering a New Misty: In the studio as Misty Copeland and Kyle Abraham put the finishing touches on Ash, the solo he created for her. Escoyne, Courtney Interview Dec 1, 2019 1053
A Toast to Herman. Oct 1, 2019 123
Ciao, Bello: Inside Roberto Bolle's final bow with ABT. Stieg, Cory Oct 1, 2019 561
50 Years Ago This Month. Escoyne, Courtney Oct 1, 2019 177
Why Aren't Adult Ballet Students Taken Seriously? Martell, Lindsay Sep 1, 2019 720
Dandra Veiga: Ballet Hispanico company dancer. Desantis, Marissa Interview Sep 1, 2019 378
Alyssa Springer. Wozny, Nancy Interview Sep 1, 2019 415
Nikisha Fogo. Howard, Theresa Ruth Interview Aug 1, 2019 410
Tyler Donatelli: Soloist with Houston Ballet. Desantis, Marissa Interview Jul 1, 2019 333
45 Years Ago This Month. Escoyne, Courtney Jul 1, 2019 196
Ashley Lynn Sherman: Ballet Austin dancer. Interview Jul 1, 2019 372
Brooklyn Mack: The freelance ballet star takes the stage at American Ballet Theatre. Harss, Marina Interview Jun 1, 2019 462
45 Years Ago This Month. Brief article Jun 1, 2019 275
Insta-Ballerina: Marunsky Ballet newcomer Maria Khoreva has shot to stardom, winning over not only the Russian ballet world, but more than 280,000 social media fans--and she's still just a teenager. Cappelle, Laura Interview May 1, 2019 1421
James Whiteside: Principal with American Ballet Theatre. Desantis, Marissa Interview May 1, 2019 406
Evelyn Hart: How the Canadian ballet star got lured out of retirement. Kelly, Deirdre Interview Mar 28, 2019 512
Emily Carrico. Perry, Cynthia Bond Mar 28, 2019 342
MAKE YOUR POINTE. Thompson, Candice Mar 28, 2019 814
75 Years Ago This Month. Brief article Mar 28, 2019 194
What's on Your Mind? Brief article Mar 1, 2019 175
Free Spirit: Why Maria Kochetkova has said goodbye to life in a ballet company. Thompson, Candice Interview Mar 1, 2019 605
A Winning Warm-Up: Jumpsuits are the all-in-one option we can't get enough of. Desantis, Marissa Brief article Mar 1, 2019 175
Southern Comfort: The Washington Ballet's Ashley Murphy-Wilson combines healthy meal prep with her grandma's recipes. Foster, Hannah Mar 1, 2019 499
Katherine Barkman. Traiger, Lisa Interview Feb 1, 2019 395
The Spark: With incredible charm--both onstage and off--Leta Biasucci has made an unlikely rise through the Pacific Northwest Ballet ranks to become a principal dancer. Sillman, Marcie Feb 1, 2019 1068
The X Factor: An inside look at a recent BalletX audition. Foster, Hannah Feb 1, 2019 860
Head of the Class: Ballet company directors share their approach to teaching audition classes. Bauer, Claudia Feb 1, 2019 556
by Lia Cirio: Principal dancer with Boston Ballet. Feb 1, 2019 440
When Three Makes Two More Romantic. Brief article Jan 1, 2019 111
What Are You Worth: Negotiating your salary matters--even if you don't get a raise. Wroth, Sarah Jan 1, 2019 686
Beyond Genes. Thompson, Candice Jan 1, 2019 1362
How Young Is Too Young for Pointe Work? The answer is more complicated than most students or their parents-or even their teachers--might realize. Sandall, Emma Jan 1, 2019 1462
Foods That Fuel. Holmes, Kathryn Jan 1, 2019 1141
WHEN STARS COLLIDE: Inside Alexei Ratmansky's new duet for David Hallberg and Natalia Osipova. Stahl, Jennifer Jan 1, 2019 563
A Cut Above the Rest: Cropped sweaters are about to be your studio go-to. Desantis, Marissa Jan 1, 2019 153
Gillian Murphy: How she develops the artistic intentions behind each of her roles. Desantis, Marissa Interview Jan 1, 2019 457
Rank and File: Do ranking systems help or hinder dancers? Carman, Joseph Jan 1, 2019 877
45 Years Ago This Month. Interview Jan 1, 2019 210
Readiness for En Pointe Work in Young Ballet Dancers Are There Proven Screening Tools and Training Protocols for a Population at Increased Risk of Injury? Altmann, Carlie; Roberts, Jennifer; Scharfbillig, Rolf; Jones, Sara Report Jan 1, 2019 4647
What's on Your Mind? Cecilia, Sarah; Holmes, Dara Nilaja; Pennington, Bee Brief article Jan 1, 2019 135
Visions of Sugar Plums: A-list dance talent rubs elbows with Hollywood royalty in Disney's The Nutcracker and The Four Realms. Peters, Jen Nov 1, 2018 606
Ilaria Guerra. Bauer, Claudia Nov 1, 2018 425
Desperate to Dance: A new movie follows a fictional transgender ballet student. McCarthy, Anne Brief article Oct 1, 2018 130
Cali Confidence: These Los Angeles Ballet soloists' dancewear gives them a boost without sacrificing comfort. Desantis, Marissa Brief article Oct 1, 2018 258
Karina Gonzalez: How this Houston Ballet star got ballet ready again after having a baby. Wozny, Nancy Oct 1, 2018 578
Soloist with the Norwegian National Ballet. Jensen, Whitney Brief article Oct 1, 2018 337
A Night of Natalia Osipova--With David Hallberg. Stahl, Jennifer Brief article Sep 1, 2018 152
Monica Gomez. Wozny, Nancy Interview Sep 1, 2018 470
All Hail the Queen: Twenty years into her career, The Royal Ballet's Marianela Nunez is bona fide ballet royalty. Winship, Lyndsey Interview Sep 1, 2018 1281
Leah Merchant: This Pacific Northwest Ballet soloist spends her spare time climbing mountains. Stahl, Jennifer Interview Sep 1, 2018 504
Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan. Sillman, Marcie Interview Aug 1, 2018 362
The Marvelous Mr. Whiteside: ABT star James Whiteside redefines the modern male principal. Schaefer, Brian Interview Aug 1, 2018 1364
Self-Reported Hip Problems in Professional Ballet Dancers: The Impact on Quality of Life. Gross, Claire; Rho, Monica; Aguilar, Daniel; Reese, Maria Report Jul 1, 2018 2746
Acute Caffeine Supplementation Does Not Change Sweat Rate and Blood Pressure in Ballet Dancers: A Double-Blind and Placebo-Controlled Study. Lira, Fabio S.; Rossi, Fabircio E.; de Oliveira, Erick P.; Marini, Ana C.B.; Mota, Joao F.; Pimentel Report Jul 1, 2018 3089
Effect of Skilled Dancers' Focus of Attention on Pirouette Performance. Chua, Twinkle Xinling; Sproule, John; Timmons, Wendy Report Jul 1, 2018 7552
Effects of Static Versus Ballistic Stretching on Hamstring:Quadriceps Strength Ratio and Jump Performance in Ballet Dancers and Resistance Trained Women. Lima, Camila D.; Brown, Lee E.; Ruas, Cassio V.; Behm, David G. Report Jul 1, 2018 5685
Hoffa's Disease in a Modern Dancer Case Report and Literature Review. Wang, Tina J.; Costin, Corneliu Vlad Clinical report Jul 1, 2018 3596
Abstracts from the Current Literature. Solomon, Ruth; Solomon, John Jul 1, 2018 1508
Alena Kovaleva. Pawlick, Catherine Interview Jul 1, 2018 398
THE BUDGETING BALLET: Five dancers share how they spend and save smartly. Hamilton, Chelsey Jul 1, 2018 469
The Missing Ballerina: Where are the dynamite ballerina roles of the 21st century? Carman, Joseph Jul 1, 2018 1129
Waves & Braids: Re-create Juliet's hair from American Ballet Theatre's Romeo and Juliet. Desantis, Marissa Jul 1, 2018 388
Lisset Santander. Sucato, Steve Interview Jun 1, 2018 407
Is Ballet for Me. Hamilton, Linda Brief article Jun 1, 2018 213
A Leap of Faith: Patricia Delgado on life after Miami City Ballet. Harss, Marina Interview Jun 1, 2018 948
Patterned Perfection: These Tulsa Ballet dancers show off their playful side by pairing patterned leotards with colorful legwarmers. Desantis, Marissa Brief article Jun 1, 2018 317
The Feminist Ballerina: How do we push for gender equality in an art form that relies on traditional roles? Bouder, Ashley May 1, 2018 1229
Makeup Must-Haves at The Royal Ballet. Desantis, Marissa May 1, 2018 370
Carlos Acosta: The famed ballet dancer brings his fledgling Cuban company to the U.S. Harss, Marina Interview Apr 1, 2018 570
Steven McRae: The Royal Ballet principal uses calisthenics to stay in shape no matter where he is. Cappelle, Laura Interview Apr 1, 2018 573
Isabella Boylston: The ABT star dishes on being Jennifer Lawrence's dance double. Harss, Marina Interview Mar 1, 2018 544
Another Go Round: Tracing ballet's lineage through the timeline of Carousel. Gold, Sylviane Chronology Mar 1, 2018 810
Kathryn Manger. Drozdowski, Anna Mar 1, 2018 373
Is Ballet Class Outdated? Sandall, Emma Mar 1, 2018 1375
60 Years Ago This Month. Mar 1, 2018 206
Inside Isabella Boylston's Beauty Routine. Desantis, Marissa Feb 1, 2018 447
One-Stop Audition Shop: Barcelona's Grand Audition lets dancers try out for 10 ballet companies at once. Cappelle, Laura Feb 1, 2018 1056
Endings: The Suzanne Farrell Ballet faces its last season. Harss, Marina Dec 1, 2017 548
Don't Call Her an Ingenue: Paris Opera Ballet's Leonore Baulac may dance like "fine champagne," but this etoile is no dainty princess. Cappelle, Laura Interview Dec 1, 2017 1357
A Day in the Life of Pacific Northwest Ballet principal: Noelani Pantastico. Interview Dec 1, 2017 515
Pops of Purple: These Pacific Northwest Ballet dancers have different styling approaches to their class wear, but a mutual love for color. Desantis, Marissa Brief article Dec 1, 2017 272
Cooking with "Tanny" Le Clercq: Works & Process celebrates The Ballet Cook Book. Escoyne, Courtney Nov 1, 2017 346
Sarah Steele. Traiger, Lisa Interview Nov 1, 2017 482
Back to the Classics: Costumes inspired by three of our all-time favorite prima ballerinas. Desantis, Marissa Brief article Nov 1, 2017 256
Comparison Study of Body Image Satisfaction Between Beginning- and Advanced-Level Female Ballet Students. Radell, Sally A.; Keneman, Margaret L.; Mandradjieff, Mara P.; Adame, Daniel D.; Cole, Steven P. Report Oct 1, 2017 6864
Postural Control During Different Unipodal Positions in Professional Ballet Dancers. de Mello, Michelle Costa; de Sa Ferreira, Arthur; Ramiro Felicio, Lilian Report Oct 1, 2017 3492
What's on your mind? Brief article Sep 1, 2017 111
On the move: two American artistic directors are taking over major international troupes. Harss, Marina; Sucato, Steve Sep 1, 2017 487
Polina arrives in the U.S. Gold, Sylviane Sep 1, 2017 110
John Neumeier: Hamburg Ballet's artistic director brings his work back to the Midwest. Warnecke, Lauren Interview Sep 1, 2017 588
Julian MacKay. Cappelle, Laura Sep 1, 2017 427
Fired. But Why? Hamilton, Linda Brief article Sep 1, 2017 148
Obsessed with WebMD. Hamilton, Linda Brief article Sep 1, 2017 222
Can I bounce back from hip surgery? Hamilton, Linda Sep 1, 2017 233
Sofiane Sylve: San Francisco Ballets enigmatic ballerina opens up. Bauer, Claudia Sep 1, 2017 1306
Freelance nation. Castro, Ali Sep 1, 2017 918
Between the idea and the reality: inside a rehearsal of Daniil Simkin's Rotunda Project. Escoyne, Courtney Sep 1, 2017 721
The foodie ballerina: NYCB's Jenelle Manzi gives us a peek inside her pantry. Henderson, Garnet Aug 1, 2017 582
Seth Orza: how the Pacific Northwest Ballet principal transformed his body. Berardi, Gigi Interview Aug 1, 2017 483
40 years ago this month. Brief article Aug 1, 2017 178
Tyler Donatelli. Wozny, Nancy Aug 1, 2017 409
What's in a diploma? Artistic directors share their honest thoughts on ballet dancers getting a BFA. Wroth, Sarah Aug 1, 2017 1245
Xiao Nan Yu: the National Ballet of Canada principal knows that flexibility isn't always a blessing. Stahl, Jennifer Jul 1, 2017 485
Starting over: Betsy McBride chose ABT's corps de ballet over stardom at Texas Ballet Theater. Harss, Marina Jul 1, 2017 712
Perfectionism, burnout, and motivation in dance a replication and test of the 2 x 2 model of perfectionism. Nordin-Bates, Sanna M.; Raedeke, Thomas D.; Madigan, Daniel J. Report Jul 1, 2017 7054
Paloma Herrera: the retired ABT ballerina returns to company life as a director. Harss, Marina Interview Jun 1, 2017 598
Isabella LaFreniere. Kourlas, Gia Jun 1, 2017 422
The rebirth of David Hallberg: a new dancer, a different person. Thompson, Candice Jun 1, 2017 1335
A complicated history. Carman, Joseph Brief article Jun 1, 2017 209
Working with Wendy. Stahl, Jennifer Brief article May 1, 2017 246
From Guest Editor: Whelan, Wendy. Whelan, Wendy Editorial May 1, 2017 390
Ethan Stiefel: on choreographing a ballet inspired by JFK and space travel. Traiger, Lisa Interview May 1, 2017 572
The new Wendy Whelan: the legendary ballerina has reinvented herself--and doesn't care what you think about it. Stahl, Jennifer Interview May 1, 2017 1654
Katelyn prominski: the ballerina-turned-Broadway-performer didn't let a diabetes diagnosis stop her from dancing. Bauer, Claudia Interview May 1, 2017 593
Natasha Sheehan. Kelly, Deirdre Interview Apr 1, 2017 417
My final season: a Boston Ballet corps dancer on making the most of her last performing days--while preparing for the future. Wroth, Sarah Apr 1, 2017 712
Potential predictors of injury among pre-professional ballet and contemporary dancers. Yau, Rebecca K.; Golightly, Yvonne M.; Richardson, David B.; Runfola, Cristin D.; Waller, Anna E.; M Report Apr 1, 2017 9029
Calf endurance and Achilles tendon structure in classical ballet dancers. Zellers, Jennifer A.; Ostrand, Katrina van; Silbernagel, Karin Gravare Report Apr 1, 2017 4236
A Precarious Pointe. Cook, Justine Essay Mar 22, 2017 4412
Carla Korbes: the beloved ballerina talks about her new life in Los Angeles. Berardi, Gigi Interview Jan 1, 2017 577
Ache, throb, hurt: New York City ballet principal Abi Stafford opens up about the frustrating, but unavoidable role of pain in a dance career. Stafford, Abi Jan 1, 2017 973
The arc of artistry: how three ballerinas have deepened their approach to a career-defining role. Carman, Joseph Interview Jan 1, 2017 1539
All in the details: sleek silhouettes at the Royal Ballet. Friscia, Suzannah Brief article Jan 1, 2017 151
In character: ABT's Roman Zhurbin has transformed character roles into career-making breakthroughs. Harss, Marina Interview Jan 1, 2017 857
Body dissatisfaction and the wish for different silhouette is associated with higher adiposity and fat intake in female ballet dancers than male. Da Silva, C.L.; De Oliveira, E.P.; De Sousa, M.V.; Pimentel, G.D. Report Jan 1, 2017 270
Testosterone concentrations in female athletes and ballet dancers with menstrual disorders. Lagowska, K.; Kapczuk, K. Report Jan 1, 2017 311
Similar prevalence of acetabular labral tear in professional ballet dancers and sporting participants. Mayes, S.; Ferris, A.-R.; Smith, P.; Garnham, A.; Cook, J. Report Jan 1, 2017 246
Ballet's backbone. Rivers, Ashley Dec 1, 2016 1089
A bold leap: at age 41, international star Lucia Lacarra refuses to settle for anything less than her dream career--even when that means taking a huge leap of faith. Cappelle, Laura Interview Dec 1, 2016 964
Ballet without borders. Lerneryd, Fredrik; Stahl, Jennifer Dec 1, 2016 358
Mathilde Froustey: the San Francisco Ballet principal revamped her body philosophy after leaving France. Stahl, Jennifer Interview Dec 1, 2016 451
Smart cookies: three dancers share the sweet holiday traditions that get them through Nutcracker season. Wingenroth, Lauren Dec 1, 2016 518
40 years ago this month. Brief article Dec 1, 2016 110
On point: once a top ballerina, Carrie Berk, 14, took a leap of faith to follow her heart--and discovered her next act. Berk, Carrie Interview Dec 1, 2016 1059
Diana Vishneva: the ballerina turned impresario expands her context festival. Perron, Wendy Interview Nov 1, 2016 613
Rachel Richardson. Kourlas, Gia Nov 1, 2016 502
Unstoppable: for Boston Ballet principal Misa Kuranaga, reaching the top is just the start. Rivers, Ashley Interview Nov 1, 2016 947
Fitness testing to determine pointe readiness in ballet dancers. Hewitt, Shayla; Mangum, Michael; Tyo, Brian; Nicks, Clayton Report Oct 1, 2016 5038
Specificity of foot configuration during bipedal stance in ballet dancers. Casabona, A.; Leonardi, G.; Aimola, E.; La Grua, G.; Polizzi, C.M.; Cioni, M.; Valle, M.S. Brief article Oct 1, 2016 266
Body dissatisfaction and the wish for different silhouette is associated with higher adiposity and fat intake in female ballet dancers than male. Da Silva, C.L.; De Oliveira, E.P.; De Sousa, M.V.; Pimentel, G.D. Author abstract Oct 1, 2016 305
Good-bye (again). Brief article Oct 1, 2016 108
Nadezhda Batoeva. Cappelle, Laura Interview Sep 1, 2016 436
Cool and coordinated: fresh takes on pink and black at American Ballet Theatre. Friscia, Suzannah Brief article Sep 1, 2016 172
Anais Chalendard: this Boston Ballet principal doesn't let scoliosis hold her back. Wroth, Sarah Sep 1, 2016 522
A career in the corps: finding the beauty in life as one of the Wilis and peasants. McEliece, Jessika Anspach Aug 1, 2016 999
Florals and crop tops: Ballet Nacional de Cuba's easy, breezy style. Friscia, Suzannah Brief article Aug 1, 2016 144
Michaela DePrince: the ballet powerhouse moves up the ranks at Dutch National Ballet. Wingenroth, Lauren Interview Jul 1, 2016 528
The cult of thin: despite calls for change, ballet's obsession with extreme thinness persists. Kelly, Deirdre Jul 1, 2016 1406
A survey of injuries affecting pre-professional ballet dancers. Caine, Dennis; Bergeron, Glen; Goodwin, Brett J.; Thomas, Jessica; Caine, Caroline G.; Steinfeld, Sa Report Jul 1, 2016 9366
Joseph Gordon. Green, Harris Interview May 1, 2016 325
Being Misty: it's not difficult to see why filmmakers would want to create a biopic of Misty Copeland's story. Cover story May 1, 2016 1163
The best of both worlds: PNB's Angelica Generosa juggles corps life and principal potential. Wingenroth, Lauren Interview May 1, 2016 473
Swapping stages: how dancers are transitioning from pointe shoes to character shoes. Kay, Lauren May 1, 2016 1196
Beyond basics: next-level neutrals at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Friscia, Suzannah Brief article May 1, 2016 161
Misty Copeland: Project Plie makes big leaps in expanding ballet training. Cox, Gordon Brief article Apr 5, 2016 298
Hannah O'Niel: the Paris Opera Ballets newest starlet. Cappelle, Laura Interview Apr 1, 2016 570
Starting over: longtime Dance Theatre of Harlem star Ashley Murphy reboots her career at The Washington Ballet. Kourlas, Gia Interview Apr 1, 2016 1129
Causal confidence: ballet Hispanico's sporty studio looks. Friscia, Suzannah Brief article Apr 1, 2016 170
Maria Baranova. Rivers, Ashley Interview Mar 1, 2016 387
Subtle embellishments bright details at Miami City Ballet. Friscia, Suzannah Brief article Mar 1, 2016 171
Kimberly Van Woesik: the Ballet Hispanico dancer teaches one of NYC's trendiest fitness classes. Kay, Lauren Interview Mar 1, 2016 389
Dancer with Alonzo King LINES ballet. Wilkes, Kara Mar 1, 2016 400
The top of his game. Harss, Marina Interview Feb 1, 2016 1267
Spots and polka dots: the eclectic style of Colorado ballet. Friscia, Suzannah Brief article Feb 1, 2016 170
Arolyn Williams: the Ballet West principal pushes her limits outdoors. Stahl, Jennifer Interview Feb 1, 2016 449
Femoral shaft torsion in injured and uninjured ballet dancers and its association with other hip measures: a cross-sectional study. Hafiz, Eliza; Hiller, Claire E.; Nicholson, Leslie L.; Nightingale, Elizabeth J.; Grimaldi, Alison; Report Jan 1, 2016 6203
Attentional focus in classical ballet a survey of professional dancers. Guss-West, Clare; Wulf, Gabriele Report Jan 1, 2016 5277
Upping the odds for black ballet dancers: IABD to hold company auditions for minority women. Schwab, Kristin Brief article Jan 1, 2016 215
An unlikely prince. Brown, Ismene Interview Jan 1, 2016 1141
Stepping into the role: the School of Pennsylvania Ballet's Company Experience gives aspiring professionals a taste of the ballet life. Thompson, Candice Jan 1, 2016 844
Ferri's next role. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 101
The reinvention of Simone Messmer: at Miami City Ballet, the new principal has found her sweet spot. Kourlas, Gia Interview Dec 1, 2015 1438
Getting on pointe: Matthew Poppe's unconventional path to falling back in love with ballet. Espoz, Justine Bayod Interview Dec 1, 2015 549
Tiny dancer, giant career: Iana Salenko didn't let her height keep her from becoming a sought-after guest ballerina. Cappelle, Laura Interview Nov 1, 2015 1158
Easy elegance: the Bolshoi Ballet's bold, polished style. Friscia, Suzannah Brief article Nov 1, 2015 185
Epidemiological review of injury in pre-professional ballet dancers. Caine, Dennis; Goodwin, Brett J.; Caine, Caroline G.; Bergeron, Glen Report Oct 1, 2015 7770
Homecoming king: having conquered the world's stages, Carlos Acosta is now working to bring his vision to a new Cuba. Whittenburg, Zachary Interview Oct 1, 2015 888
Dusty Button: the Boston Ballet principal isn't afraid of the bench press. Thompson, Candice Oct 1, 2015 448
Ballerina. Spireng, Matthew J. Poem Sep 22, 2015 159
Down for the count: NBoC bounces back from last season, when 16 dancers were out due to injury. Kelly, Deirdre Sep 1, 2015 386
Sara Mearns: the NYCB principal uses cross-training to lengthen and support her body without wearing it out. Thompson, Candice Sep 1, 2015 574
The Royal D. Brief article Sep 1, 2015 108
Ariana Lallone: aerial performer. Holleran, Leslie Sep 1, 2015 331
Amy Fote: ballet mistress. Wozny, Nancy Interview Sep 1, 2015 416
Solids and stripes: patterned warm-ups at Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley. Friscia, Suzannah Brief article Aug 1, 2015 173
Sara Esty: from Miami City Ballet to Broadway--and the steam room. Feller, Alison Interview Aug 1, 2015 628
A professional touch: the Brookline Ballet School takes a boutique approach to pre-professional training. Friscia, Suzannah Aug 1, 2015 566
Wearing many hats: ballet stars are diving into creative projects on the side. Thompson, Candice Jul 1, 2015 408
Against the odds. Cappelle, Laura Cover story Jul 1, 2015 1110
Limitless: through stubborn optimism and fearless risk-taking, Alex Wong has transformed from ballet star to commercial success. Zar, Rachel Interview Jun 1, 2015 1340
The great ballerina exit of 2015: what happens to companies when their stars retire? Carman, Joseph May 1, 2015 464
Seattle's sweetheart: Carla Korbes tells Gigi Berardi why she chose to retire at the peak of her career. Interview May 1, 2015 229
Constantine Allen. Cappelle, Laura May 1, 2015 355
Misty Copeland and Brooklyn Mack: shattering the ballet standard as leads in Swan Lake. Thompson, Candice Interview Apr 1, 2015 632
Prints and patterns: classic-with-a-twist at San Francisco Ballet. Hermanson, Meggie Brief article Apr 1, 2015 198
A review of the risk factors for lower extremity overuse injuries in young elite female ballet dancers. Bowerman, Erin Anne; Whatman, Chris; Harris, Nigel; Bradshaw, Elizabeth Report Apr 1, 2015 5234
Kinematic evaluation of the classical ballet step "plie". Gontijo, Kaanda Nabilla Souza; Candotti, Claudia Tarrago; Feijo, Grace dos Santos; Ribeiro, Lais Pai Report Apr 1, 2015 4842
Stress fracture of the second metatarsal and sprain of Lisfranc joint in a pre-professional ballet dancer. Kriz, Peter; Rafferty, Jason; Evangelista, Peter; Van Valkenburg, Scott; DiGiovanni, Christopher Clinical report Apr 1, 2015 3720
Kim J, Wilson MA, Singhal K, Gamblin S, Suh CY, Kwon YH: Generation of vertical angular momentum in single, double, and triple-turn pirouette en dehors in ballet. Solomon, Ruth; Solomon, John Brief article Apr 1, 2015 245
Bowerman E, Whatman C, Harris N, Bradshaw E, Karin J.: Are maturation, growth and lower extremity alignment associated with overuse injury in elite adolescent ballet dancers? Solomon, Ruth; Solomon, John Brief article Apr 1, 2015 255
Sanches SB, Oliveira GM, Osorio FL, Crippa JA, Martin-Santos R.: Hypermobility and joint hypermobility syndrome in Brazilian students and teachers of ballet dance. Solomon, Ruth; Solomon, John Abstract Apr 1, 2015 308
Hannah Bettes. Rivers, Ashley Mar 1, 2015 357
Trouble in the studio: how to deal with hypercritical ballet mistresses and injuries that don't seem to heal. Hamilton, Linda Mar 1, 2015 795
Feminine and delicate: English National Ballet dancers in the Studio. Hermanson, Meggie Brief article Mar 1, 2015 180
Frances Chung: the SFB principal gains strength and stamina on her kickboard. Bauer, Claudia Mar 1, 2015 563
Lin CW, Chen SJ, Su FC, Wu HW, Lin CF. Differences of ballet turns (pirouette) performance between experienced and novice ballet dancers. Lin, CW; Chen, SJ; Su, FC; Wu, HW; Lin, CF Abstract Jan 1, 2015 238
Angioi M, Maffulli GD, McCormack M, Morrissey D, Chan O, Maffulli N. Early signs of osteoarthritis in professional ballet dancers: a preliminary study. Angioi, M; Maffulli, GD; McCormack, M; Morrissey, D; Chan, O; Maffulli, N. Abstract Jan 1, 2015 228
Longworth B, Fary R, Hopper D. Prevalence and predictors of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in adolescent ballet dancers. Longworth, B; Fary, R; Hopper, D. Abstract Jan 1, 2015 281
Think tank: the Center for Ballet and the Arts hopes to help ballet move forward. Carman, Joseph Dec 1, 2014 360
Nathalia Arja. Levin, Jordan Dec 1, 2014 330
Dancing with danger: how the daredevils of STREB Extreme Action deal with the element of danger on a daily basis. Schaefer, Brian Dec 1, 2014 1485
Girly athleticism: on tour with Stars of American Ballet at the Chicago Dancing Festival, Tiler Peck and Teresa Reichlen donned pinks and purples, sweats and shorts. Hermanson, Meggie Brief article Dec 1, 2014 193
Three-dimensional analysis of a ballet dancer with ischial tuberosity apophysitis. a case study. Pohjola, Hanna; Sayers, Mark; Mellifont, Rebecca; Mellifont, Daniel; Venojarvi, Mika Clinical report Dec 1, 2014 3934
Not-so holy month? Belly dancer Lucy will be on our Ramadan screens. Brief article Nov 10, 2014 152
The ingredients of extraordinary. Stahl, Jennifer Nov 1, 2014 352
A prima returns: Alessandra Ferri is back onstage, and more luminous than ever. Kourlas, Gia Interview Nov 1, 2014 1339
Cross-training your feet: build a better pointe by strengthening underused foot and ankle muscles. Thompson, Candice Nov 1, 2014 925
A star takes the helm: Angel Corella leads Pennsylvania Ballet. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 188
Russell Janzen: despite a string of injuries, the regal dancer has established himself as a flawless partner. Green, Harris Brief article Oct 1, 2014 314
Chelsy Meiss: deadlifting 140 pounds gives her a noticeable edge in the studio. Kelly, Deirdre Oct 1, 2014 659
Pacific Northwest Ballet principal dancer. Porretta, Jonathan Oct 1, 2014 409
Robert Frost Embarks on Goodwill Tour of Soviet Republics. Williams, Kenny (American writer) Poem Sep 22, 2014 309
Black Ballerina. Schwab, Kristin Brief article Sep 1, 2014 129
Wendy Whelan: the edgy ballerina says good-bye to New York City Ballet and hello to new experiments. Perron, Wendy Interview Sep 1, 2014 522
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Meeting in the middle. Schwab, Kristin Brief article Aug 1, 2014 154
Abigail Mentzer: Ballet Beautiful keeps her strong on the road. Rivers, Ashley Aug 1, 2014 462
J Sci Med Sport.: Vitamin D status in professional ballet dancers: winter vs. summer. Wolman, R.; Wyon, M.A.; Koutedakis, Y.; Nevill, A.M.; Eastell, R.; Allen, N. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 293
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Ivan Vasiliev: on his new duet program with his ex, Natalia Osipova. Cappelle, Laura Interview Jul 1, 2014 474
Isabella DeVivo: dynamic and musical, the new SFB corps member already has leading roles. Hunt, Mary Ellen Interview Jul 1, 2014 301
Body of work. Cappelle, Laura Cover story Jul 1, 2014 1393
Baryshnikov takes Brooklyn. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 134
The new girl: since joining the Bolshoi as an outsider, Olga Smirnova has quickly risen to the top, leaving audiences awestruck. Cappelle, Laura Interview Jun 1, 2014 1238
Understated elegance: simple details, big impact at Hamburg Ballet. Hermanson, Meggie Brief article Jun 1, 2014 207
Maria Chapman: this Pacific Northwest Ballet principal goes for a run almost every day. Berardi, Gigi Interview Jun 1, 2014 503
More than a prodigy: ballet dancers talk about the long road to achieving artistry. Carman, Joseph Cover story May 1, 2014 2233
Roddy Doble: the Boston Ballet dancer brings emotion as well as athleticism to his roles. Rivers, Ashley Interview May 1, 2014 639
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A preseason cardiorespiratory profile of dancers in nine professional ballet and modern companies. Bronner, Shaw; Ojofeitimi, Sheyi; Lora, Jennifer Bailey; Southwick, Heather; Kulak, Michelina Cassel Report Apr 1, 2014 9739
Hallux valgus in dancers: a closer look at dance technique and its impact on dancers' feet. Davenport, Kathleen L.; Simmel, Liane; Kadel, Nancy Report Apr 1, 2014 4415
A muse's vision: Sara Mearns talks about the creative process from her side of the studio. Kourlas, Gia Interview Apr 1, 2014 1009
Elise Judson: bringing charm and commitment to Houston Ballets corps. Wozny, Nancy Interview Apr 1, 2014 672
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Wendy Whelan: instagramming through injury While many dancers hide their injuries, New York City Ballet star Wendy Whelan writes about how she took ownership of hers by sharing her recovery on social media. Whelan, Wendy Feb 1, 2014 1017
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Kathleen Breen Combes: the Boston Ballet principal's methods for maintenance. Dalzell, Jenny Interview Feb 1, 2014 737
J Endocrinol Invest: Low body weight and menstrual dysfunction are common findings in both elite and amateur ballet dancers. Bacchi, E.; Spiazzi, G.; Zendrini, G.; Bonin, C.; Moghetti, P. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 252
Balancing act: the Bolshoi's Svetlana Lunkina carves a path for career and family at National Ballet of Canada. Crabb, Michael Jan 1, 2014 1027
Chronic inflammation and neutrophil activation as possible causes of joint diseases in ballet dancers. Borges, Leandro da Silva; Bortolon, Jose Ricardo; Santos, Vinicius Coneglian; de Moura, Nivaldo Ribe Report Jan 1, 2014 4749
The storyteller: Houston Ballet's Melody Mennite finds the meaning in the movement. Wozny, Nancy Dec 1, 2013 1160
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75 years ago this month. Chujoy, Anatole Brief article Nov 1, 2013 154
J Hum Kinet.: Supplementary low-intensity aerobic training improves aerobic capacity and does not affect psychomotor performance in professional female ballet dancers. Smol, E.; Fredyk, A. Report Oct 1, 2013 197
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Cojocaru lands at ENB. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 161
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