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Ball Corp. invests in Chinese can industry.

Ball Corp. said it plans to increase its participation in the People's Republic of China metal beverage container industry as a limited partner in a new joint venture company, FTB Packaging Ltd., of Hong Kong.

W. L. Peterson, Ball vice chairman and chief financial officer, said the new company would be executing management contracts and acquiring equity interests in several existing plants in China, and would supply management and technical support to these plants under various long-term agreements.

Ball, through another joint venture company, has been a minority owner in a packaging plant in Guangzhou, China since 1987. The plant was built initially for metal beverage containers, but has been expanded for the production of aerosol and juice cans, plastic bottles, and cans for non-carbonated drinks.

"We see considerable opportunity in China," Peterson reported. "The total production of beverage cans there in 1991 was just over 1 billion, vs. about 96 billion in the United States. Long-term growth prospects in China are excellent, and with the knowledge of this market we have gained in the past five years, we believe we can benefit from additional participation there, as well as meeting the growing demand for containers in that country."
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 9, 1992
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