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Baldwin Improves on OEM Venturi Dual-Flow Spin-On Design.

* The Vortex line of patent-pending dual-flow lube filters produced by Baldwin Filters, Kearney, NE, will soon be used as replacements for the Fleetguard Venturi filter line in Cummins ISM, IXS and Series 600 engines. Cummins Engine Company, Columbus, IN, chose the Vortex design after SAE J1858 laboratory tests, performed per Cummins Engineering Standard 10765, proved the design surpasses the OE in contaminant removal efficiency and in containment holding capacity.

* There are two major differences between standard dual-flow lube spin-on filters and the new Vortex designs:

* First, Vortex dual-flow spin-ons allow 15% of the oil to flow through the by-pass section of the filter instead of the standard 10%. The additional flow is routed through the by-pass media because a low pressure zone is created as oil flows from the full-flow synthetic media through the Vortex nozzle located within the filter. This low-pressure zone pulls additional oil through the by-pass media as compared to conventional dual-flow filters.

* Second, Vortex dual-flow spin-ons have one inlet and one outlet. Oil flowing through the filter is sent directly to the engine to protect vital engine components, rather than a portion being returned to the sump as happens with conventional dual-flow filters.
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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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