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Balancing Reading and Language Learning.

Balancing Reading & Language Learning

Mary Cappellini

Stenhouse Publishers

477 Congress Street, Suite 4B, Portland, ME 04101-3451

1571103678 $30.00 1-800-988-9812

Balancing Reading & Language Learning: A Resource For Teaching English Language Learners K-5 by educational consultant and former bilingual resource teacher, ESL teacher, and literacy coach Mary Cappellini offers a framework for a balanced classroom reading program that includes the use of reading aloud, shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading to develop a student's skills and fluency in the English language. Classroom instructors will learn how to set up an environment that will enable all English language learners to succeed in advancing their fluency and academic performance; the stages of English language proficiency and how to use them to assess and plan for individual children; advice for tapping into children's prior knowledge in their primary language while teaching reading in English, and the use of Spanish/English cognates to help develop academic language skills; how to manage numerous guided reading groups with children at all stages of reading and language proficiency, and more. Enhanced with ideas for events to involve the parents, thematic planning sample units for primary and upper grades, forms and checklists, bibliographies and suggested reading lists, Balancing Reading & Language Learning is a welcome and instructive addition to professional and bilingual instructor reference collections and ESL curriculum development resources.
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Title Annotation:Balancing Reading and Language Learning: A Resource For Teaching English Language Learners K-5
Author:Greenspan, Able
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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