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Baking Supplies

Largest Sales Increases in Supermarkets Tallied by The Nielsen Company (52 Weeks Ending Dec. 25, 2010)

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Consumption Index: Baking Chocolate

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While the most dedicated scratch bakers would seem to hail from Plain Rural Living start-up and younger bustling Struggling Urban Core families, higher-than-average consumption rates of baking chocolate can be seen across most of the family lifestyles tracked by Nielsen. What's more surprising, perhaps, are the pockets of higher consumption among some young transitional, childless established couples, and even empty nesters and senior couples, none of whom have resident children, who are generally the primary benefactors of home-baked treats - although the latter two groups often have visiting grandkids they wish to indulge. And though some of these higher consumption rates may reflect the use of unsweetened dark baking chocolate as a better-for-you snack vs. strictly as a baking ingredient, members of childless and empty-nester households also have more free time for experiential kitchen pursuits.

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