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Baking, the Art and the Science.


A few years ago there came on to the market a book with the title Technologie der Backwarenherstellung. This was packed with illustrations and provided practical information for the working baker. Such was the interest for one recipient that he decided to prepare an English language version having purchased the rights so to do.

This new book is packed with full colour illustrations, we are told there are more than 700, to provide detailed information on how bakery products are made and how they should look. The text has been designed to cover virtually every aspect of the baking business and is divided into five main sections with titles: Wheat flour and its applications; The use and application of rye flour; Production of whole grain and speciality breads; Production of sweet yeast-raised goods; and Products made with special doughs and with batters. Such a description is a little brief because it includes details of raw materials, ingredients, working methods and processes, and standards and quality evaluation. It is fully intended that the book is equally suitable for novices or experts because the latter can use it for ideas and ways to improve normal techniques. All the way through the illustrative material shows how products are made, the sort of equipment that can be used with diagrams where necessary, there are flow-sheets for actual processes and panels describing causes and effects of alternations to processes.

Taking a chapter at random, the one on sweet yeast-raised goods discusses Preparation of fine yeast doughs, Milk and its significance for the baking process, Sugar and its significance on the baking process, Fats and their effect on the baking process, Eggs and their significance for the baking process, Fillings and toppings for yeast products, Products made with light fine yeast dough, Products made with medium fine yeast doughs, Doughnuts and other deep fried pastries, Products made from heavy fine yeast doughs, and Quality control for yeast products.
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Date:May 1, 1990
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