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Bakers' aprons keep everything in plain sight.

These easy-to-sew vinyl aprons keep confectioners clean and their paraphernalia at hand. Making them requires a small investment in time (less than an hour) and materials ($5 for two aprons). Consider them as a gift--perhaps already outfitted with gear--to encourage talent in friends or family members.

Filled with spatulas, pastry tubes, and assorted decorations, the clear pockets keep everything visible and ready when it's decorating time; when you're finished, the equipment stores with the aprons.

You'll need 3/4 yard of 54-inch-wide heavy cleary vinyl and 5 yards of 5/8- or 3/4- inch-wide grosgrain ribbon or 1/4-inch fabric-covered cording. We used a #14 sewing machine needle and standard cotton or polyester thread. Test stitching on a scrap of vinly to determine best machine tension and stitch length (you may need to guide the vinyl through the presser foot).

The measurements given here will fit most adults; the aprons should be wide enough to cover the chest and long enough to reach to midnight. Measure and adjust for larger or smaller sizes.

To form the casing, fold over 1 inch of the plastic along the sides of the chest area (see drawing) and stitch close to the edge. Then thread grosgrain ribbon or fabric-covered cording through the casing to create the neckband and waist ties.

To make the compartments on the adult apron, cut a 10-inch-wide piece of plastic the same width as the apron. Place it at the bottom of the apron and stitch through both thickness along the two sides and the bottom, about 1/4 inch from the edge; leave the top of the piece open.

To divide the apron into compartments, topstitch vertical lines through both thicknesses. To create a double row of pockets or for pockets of different heights, stitch across the strip, then cut a slit just below the stitching to form the opening for the pocket below.

For the child's apron, turn up the bottom 4 inches of the apron, then stitch along the two sides about 1/4 inch from edge. To form the pockets, divide the hemmed portion into five or six sections (make some wide than others) and stitch down from open edge to folded bottom.
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Date:Jun 1, 1984
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