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Baker should heed pro-life voices.

Recently, Worcester officials worried about Gov. Charlie Baker's budget cuts and their effects on children. The worst effect Mr. Baker will have on children isn't due to spending cuts. It's his promised increase in spending to target vulnerable children, conceived yet unborn.

Mr. Baker vowed to use $300,000 in taxpayer dollars for abortifacients to end these children's lives. Mr. Baker's extremism came just after the Supreme Court's unanimous Hobby Lobby decision validating business owners refusing to pay for abortion-causing drugs.

The Republican Party platform speaks out against abortion. Mr. Baker's deaf to it. He speaks out as strongly against it as the Hippocratic Oath speaks out against abortifacients.

Many fail to believe a pro-life stance is a winning one. In doing so, they fail those in such dire need of their help. Yet, it's the most recent generations who not only call themselves pro-life but are speaking and acting according to what they know to be true. They're the lucky ones who've survived the "legal'' abortion threat to their lives.

Our legal system would have allowed their deaths as it did to millions of others who would have been their fellow classmates, neighbors and friends. So they've decided to take a stand and cause us to rethink what we've done as a nation.

Abortion, having silenced the lives of millions, has ironically given rise to the voices of those generations born under its shadow. It's time we listen to them and turn a deaf ear to politicians who've targeted them.



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Date:Mar 10, 2015
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