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Baker introduces cultivo CO2 incubator.

SANFORD, Maine, October 13, 2014--The Baker company, Inc. has launched Cultivo, a new C02 incubator designed to prevent contamination and deliver precise, stable and user-defined control over three variables critical for optimal cell growth--temperature, C02 concentration and relative humidity-all without noticeable condensation during normal operation. The introduction of a CO2 incubator with this unique combination of proven benefits is a natural next step in Baker's evolution as the leader in the development of contamination control technologies.

The design of Cultivo draws on Baker's extensive experience to protect cultures against the threat of accidental contamination from a wide variety of sources due to everyday activities.

"From the beginning, we designed Cultivo to be a 'contamination preventer,"' said Dan Eagleson of Baker.

Cultivo is anned with an array of features designed not simply to control contamination, but to prevent it. Vertical, uni-directional downward airflow delivers unrivaled clean air (ISO Class 4, Class 10) to the incubator chamber within 60 seconds after a door opening, made possible by a large, full-face HEPA filter.

A fogless interior door provides a crystal-clear view of cultures on every shelf, reducing the need for door openings when contaminants are more likely to enter the chamber. Optional ultrasonic humidification allows users to eliminate the use of a water pan-and the risk of contaminants that typically go along with it.

If a contamination does occur, an optional, preprogrammed and easy-to-follow vaporized hydrogen peroxide biodecontamination protocol is available, which effectively kills a wide variety of vegetative bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, fungal spores and viruses in under four hours.

The precise, stable and user-defined environmental conditions Cultivo provides are possible through the use of IntcliCELL, a sophisticated P.I.D. control algorithm. By accounting for factors that other technologies leave as unknown, InteliCELL consistently maintains user-defined set points, giving users ultimate control with minimal effort.

The core of IntcliCELL's design is a closed feedback loop that works just like the human nervous system, sensing and responding to changing conditions in a controlled way.

Cultivo is being launched alongside a new campaign to support Baker's recent rebrand. "Define Optimal" encourages researchers to consider whether existing technologies provide them with a truly "optimal" environment for their work. As it relates to C02 incubators, "Define Optimal" calls the relative humidity variable and contamination prevention technologies into question.


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Date:Oct 20, 2014
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