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Baker Hughes.


Baker Hughes has broadened its pipeline service portfolio to include circumferential magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspection technology which enables pipeline operators to identify anomalies in long seams and more effectively manage the risk associated with cracks in long seam welds and the overall integrity of their pipeline assets. Baker Hughes recently acquired the assets and circumferential/transverse field (TFI) MFL technology of Intratech Inline Inspection Services Ltd. With circumferential MFL inspection technology, Baker Hughes Process and Pipeline Services group can assist operators with locating specific pipeline seam threats, such as hook cracks, lack of fusion and long narrow-axial corrosion. The circumferential MFL technology will now be produced in the larger diameter pipeline sizes, complete with speed control and inertial navigation capabilities,
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Title Annotation:What's New In ... Corrosion Control Products And Composite Pipe
Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
Date:Mar 1, 2012
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