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Bait and Switch.

Bait and Switch

Larry Brooks

Signet Books

ISBN: 0451212479 $7.99 392 pages

Recommendation: ****

Author Larry Brooks continues to hone his craft and in BAIT AND SWITCH, he introduces his readers to a most interesting and complex male character, former male model Wolfgang Schmidt.

Wolf's love life is in the toilet and his professional career is on the skids, so when a Silicon Valley billionaire pitches him a win-win deal, Wolf doesn't have to think too hard to seal the deal.

What Mr. Billionaire wants is for Wolf to seduce Mrs. Billionaire so Mr. Billionaire won't have to pony up some $3 million per month in spousal support because if she lives with Wolf for more than 30 days, Mr. and Mrs.' pre-nup is null and void.

In return, Wolf gets a sizeable deposit in an off-shore bank account ... and a ticket to financial freedom.

Once the players are engaged, so to speak, complications come from every angle. Wolf's former girlfriend reappears briefly. He begins to fall for Mrs. Billionaire. The IRS and the FBI show up at his door and make him a counter-offer that he CANNOT refuse, if he wants to keep any kind of freedom.

How Brooks brings all these angles into play, while keeping the reader from knowing the truth, is quite a tour de force. There's only one brief hint to the answer we're all looking for ... and Brooks hides it well.

Wolf is a character I'd like to see again. And I'm glad Brooks has limited his interest in the "dark arts" to only a few pages this time around.

Well done, Larry. Keep it up.
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Author:Mathews, Terry
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Date:May 1, 2005
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