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Bahrain Insider.

The Insider is the GDN's newest recruit, with an ear so close to the ground he's practically horizontal. If you have any news or gossip that you think he'd be interested in, e-mail it to

INVESTIGATORS have contacted The Insider in an attempt to track down a senior telecom official who admitted privately he was hoping a Dreambox crackdown would fail - because he was among those using the illegal service.

We revealed two weeks ago that he was upset because his company was asked to cut off Dreambox providers from the Internet - and feared losing his own service as a result.

However, being a consummate professional, The Insider refused to reveal his sources.


Insider is delighted to report that 'pudding' is back!

Dine out at any of Bahrain's stunning variety of restaurants and your eye is likely to turn to the 'sweet' menu.

But sweets to me come boiled and wrapped in cellophane.

What comes on a plate after the main course at dinner is 'pudding'.

So I was delighted when, during an impromptu meal at Sizzler's, in Mansouri Mansions, to be offered just that after my steak and chips.

"Will you be wanting pudding," asked the waiter in a lilting accent - to which he got a resounding 'Yes'.

None of your fancy stuff for Insider - apple pie and ice-cream did the job nicely.

Now I'm on the lookout for the first Bahrain restaurant to serve up that traditional English school favourite, 'Spotted Dick' - though I understand it has been renamed 'Richard' on some menus back home, to stifle the schoolboy giggles!


Communication skills fall a little short sometimes, even in the media business.

There were red faces all round when a public relations agency arranged a Press meet with the general manager of Bahrain's Tulip Inn Hawar Beach resort, to discuss its grand reopening - but no-one turned up!

A plaintive e-mail went out from Bahrain Media Services to the country's five main Arabic and English newspapers, asking why no-one was there.

Now Insider reckons that one or two papers not turning up might be because they slipped up or were just too busy.

But all of them failing to show? That would tend to suggest that the e-mail never made it to any of them.

Too many organisations rely solely on e-mails or text messages these days, without any direct human-to-human contact.

Pick up the phone guys!

I understand the turnout was much better at the rescheduled Press conference, held yesterday.


There is no accounting for human nature.

The outcry amongst parents faced with keeping their children at home long after the summer holidays should have ended, when schools were shut to ward off swine flu, was vociferous to say the least.

"How will we cope, the children will be bored to death, they'll drive us mad, it's ruining our lives[ETH]etc, etc, etc[ETH]."

The kindergarten kids went back to school yesterday, the last of Bahrain's pupils to be allowed back in a phased reopening of classes across the country.


Lots of tears from some of those same parents who moaned so much about having their tots at home for so long, as they parted with their little ones for the first time in four months.

Even Insider felt the old eyes watering!

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Nov 2, 2009
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