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Bah humbug!

IS THERE nowhere for those of us who hate Christmas to go? It seems not.

In a card shop in Sutton Parade I've just heard my first "rendition" of Slade's Merry Xmas Everybody.

It's only mid-November.

The other day at work a colleague gave me a card that I didn't want - a robin sitting on a garden fork in a snow-covered garden.

It was probably one of those "50 for a fiver" cards.

In reality, she couldn't give a damn if I was under the wheels of a bus.

It's supposed to be the "season of goodwill", so why are pubs not open all day on December 25? My local might be open for two hours if I'm lucky, but there's always a "once-a-year" bloke at the bar.

He's been kicked out by his missus while she cooks the dinner. He wants to shake me by the hand, wish me a "Happy New Year" and buy me a pint. In reality he wouldn't even do me the decency of urinating on me if I caught fire.

Working in a hospital on Christmas morning offers no sanctuary either. All the wards will have at least one Christmas tree and a nurse with false flashing Rudolph antlers.

How pathetic! As usual, not a fairy light or bauble will hang in the hallways of Hemming Towers.

There will be no tray of mince pies or glass of mulled wine for unwelcome carol singers (usually the yob sons and daughters of benefitscrounging families). And who would be daft enough to hang mistletoe in the porch? Do they really think I want to catch swine flu from a stranger? The Queen, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope will appear on TV sometime throughout the day with the same old load of rubbish.

"Peace to all men", they'll proclaim whilst half the world's population wants to kill the other half.

The bloke at the pub will eventually be allowed home to wear a silly paper crown and stuff a dead bird down his mouth on this most important of days, with the relatives he hates.

Why does he bother? Why does anyone bother any more? Good riddance to it. Bah humbug!

PAUL HEMMING, Erdington NO teacher, parent or politician .can afford to ignore the Government poll on how young people view our country.

With nearly a million of them on the dole, they show their disillusion with the Britain of today.

The controversial education system has let them down.

Even though record numbers go to university, there is no guarantee of a job at the end of it.

Half of our younger people say they would not volunteer for the armed forces to defend this country.

They would rathe lie on beaches than fight on them. Not much hope for the future there, then.

BOB LOWE, Tenby I WAS looking forward to seeing .

Michael Caine on GMTV before he opened his mouth spouting the all too familiar rubbish about yobs seeking revenge on a society that lets them down.

Coming from anyone that's bad enough, but coming out of the mouth of a rich actor makes you wonder what his motives are.

Caine came from a poor background, so he should have known better.

Millions of people come from underprivileged backgrounds. Many of us suffered abuse and other horrible things in our lives, but one thing we still have is freedom of choice to do good rather than evil.

At a time when most people feel frightened and concerned about the crimes of violence, the last thing we want to hear is an admired actor making excuses for the culprits.

We want deterrents, not analysts. They've already got plenty of excuses lined up to excuse their crimes without yobbos being provided with more nonsensical reasons for their vile actions by the sentimentalists. If you don't want to do the time, don't do the crime.

BARBARA DUNN, Moseley WE are all aware of the crafty ways .the Government works but the latest knee-jerk reaction is the best yet.

After 12 years of Blairite rule, steadfastly refusing to debate the immigration issue, Gordon Brown is panicking because he knows the issue will lose him his job.

I wonder if this sudden turnaround is to do with a General Election in May next year. Sorry Gordon, it's too late.

CAROL HOPE, Quinton HOW lucky Birmingham is that we .aren't burying our dead.

It is sheer madness that peoples' lives were put in danger because of turning the Christmas Lights on.

The photgraphs reminded me of Hillsborough, where all those young lives were lost because of incompetence and sheer stupidity.

Questions must be asked as to the crowd control and of the barrier assembly, but let's count our blessings and hope that lessons have been learned.

S T VAUGHAN, Yardley Wood PLANNING means sensible antici-.pation. No doubt, as in previous calamities, lessons will be learned from the chaos at the Christmas lights switch-on.

Thank goodness there were no fatalities last Saturday, only serious injuries, which is bad enough.

So who is going to resign? Which of-ficers will be sacked? We await the outcome with interest! He who plans well seldom fails.

TOM WAREING, Redditch I AM writing to say how angry and .upset I am at the fiasco they call the Christmas Lights Switch On.

What was Birmingham City Council thinking with their lack of organisation and lack of police? My two daughters were at the socalled concert and I thank God they weren't hurt.

Birmingham City Council, you are a disgrace to this town. Heads should roll for this terrible fiasco.

ANDREW PRICE, Kingshurst I WRITE in response to George .Tyndale's sarcastic rant about feeding the ducks in Stony Lane Park.

We are not talking about a few crumbs, we are talking about bags full of food. And not only bread but all kinds of waste food.

When not eaten by the birds it is left for the vermin. The council have already found a long rats' nest.

Perhaps Mr Tyndale should come and look at the state of the path and grass, which is a health hazard.

There must be at least 200 Canadian geese here. The more food left, the more geese and rats will come.

V HEWITT, Smethwick


FIASCO: Last week's Christmas lights event went horribly wrong, as reported first in the Sunday Mercury.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Nov 22, 2009
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