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Bag seals out sand.

Dear Editor,

When I read about the soldiers in Iraq who weren't able to defend themselves because sand caused their M16s to jam, I remembered an article from an old PS about keeping your rifle in a bag. Maybe it; would help soldiers serving in the desert if you ran that; article again.

COL Robert Korpanty USAR Newport News, VA

Dear Colonel Korpanty,

You have an incredible memory, Sir. That article was printed in 1969--35 years ago! Here it is, pretty much unchanged:

Now that you've got a plastic coverall bag, NSN 1005-00-809-2190, to protect your M16 rifle against dust, sand, mud, water and such, here's how to use it in good health--yours and your weapon's.

First, make sure your rifle's cleaned and lubed before you bag it. This cover's an aid to PM, but it'll never replace the cleaning and lubing you'll always have to do regularly. In fact, with a rubber band closing--not to mention rips and tears--the bag's not guaranteed to be watertight, so-o-o-o ...

Second, if you're going to keep it bagged more than 24 hours, be sure you eyeball the weapon every day for signs of corrosion from any moisture or condensation that might form in the bag.

Putting it on--stick the rifle in the cover muzzle end first. Then fold the cover end over the butt-stock and slip the rubber band on.

Taking it off--Slip the rubber band off and unfold the cover end. Then slide the rifle out. Put it on and take it off gently and you can use the cover several times.

In a firefight--Comes a sudden opportunity to bag an enemy, here're two ways you can work it:

1. Quick-rip the bag off with one steady yank. The bag'll come apart at the tear-line.

2. If absolutely necessary, you can fire right through the bag.

You can operate the selector lever and trigger easy with the bag on. But, remember this: Ejected cases will be trapped in the bag and could cause a malfunction after the gust round. So get it off as quick as you can.

Course, after "emergency" use, you'll need a new bag.
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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