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Bag for children!


First school of a child is lap of mother which stands snatched by the Muslim leadership at present. They are advising for sending even - 3yr child - to school. And, on the other, like our forefathers 'Mughals' in place of building schools, they are constructing towers; cricket stadiums; open air theatres (...). Additionally; small-children are seen carrying heavy school bags full of books, notebooks (...). Lunch-box(s) are non-nutritious which, advance countries do not serve, even, to their animals!

Carrying heavy school bag causes a lot of disorder in spinal code. As a result, children are dragging into abnormalities. Little children up to 7yrs need attention towards their character-building from parents, teachers and general public. Secondly, they need facilities such as learning point near home, pick-drop, neat-and-clean environment, nutritious food, clean water (...). Question arises: Why children have to carry so many books (+) notebooks daily? Blackboard can't be used for general instructions such as 'preparation of pictures and solution of math formulae instead of carrying notebooks for each- subject? It is high time for parents-teachers-govt to find a solution of this serious issue.

It is suggested that (a) prepare unilateral educational system for whole population as did by developed countries (b) Pakistan-China Educational Corridor (CPEC) is (also) needed for which Scribe is penning before signing of CPEC of Gwadar Port (c) decrease subjects and increase time-duration in daily periods, so that each student attended closely (d) cluster of themes can be gathered in single book and each lesson can be explained through blackboard. Knowledge-lovers including this Scribe are ready for providing suitable suggestions without claiming any commission and TA/DA. If worked devotedly on the directives of Imran Khan, PTI, (certainly) will become successful in providing suitable - bag for children's!

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:May 22, 2019
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