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Badger, M.C. (text) Simon Swingler (illus.): Baddies vs Goodies.

** BADGER, M. C. (text) Simon Swingler (illus.) Baddies vs Goodies ISBN 9781921848421 SCIS 1597119; WhenRobots Go BadISBN 9781921848438 SCIS 1597122 Hardie Grant Edgmont (Super Baddies), 2013 48pp A$12.95 NZ$14.99 pbk


Baddies vs Goodies is a small format comic about a group of student super Baddies who are learning how to be Baddies at Baddie Primary school. Each Baddie has a super power and a super cool name, Sandman, Mean Streak, Giant Boy, Scorcher (he burns things, you know), etc. They are in constant competition with the school next door, who they refer to as super dorks. The differentiation is the Goodie Primary School heroes are so good they are boring. No flavour, no fun, no mess. The baddies like things to be messy and silly. In one particularly inspiring moment they lob Grinades (which make you smile), and liquid chocolate back and forth at each other.

In When Robots Go Bad a super robot goes crazy trying to make everybody clean and safe. The baddies go toe to toe with the robot and it requires all of their badness to vanquish the not evil robot. Badness prevails in the end and they all eat lollies and get messy. The premise of this book seems to be entirely for entertainment, which it does well. By turning the normal idea of goodies vs baddies into a book where the baddies are the heroes is great. Unfortunately the super baddy kids do seem to be entirely self centered and many adult book buyers may shy away for that reason. The illustrations are nicely completed and would be attractive to younger readers. The text is well written and the series would be a good introduction to self directed reading skills.

** Book by an Australian author or illustrator

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Author:Murphy, David
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Date:Aug 1, 2013
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