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Bad sports; LETTERS.

THEY say that sport brings nations together, but does it really? Even the Olympics have been tarnished from time to time with political protests and athletes taking drugs to enhance their performance.

More mature readers would remember the Olympic Games in 1972 when political activists used the Games in Munich to murder innocent people, and the Olympics when two American athletes gave a black power salute when they were on the podium.

Then there was the Olympics in 1936 when British and American athletes were forced to give the German Nazi salute with the dictator Hitler present, but Jesse Owens gave his answer in the best possible way by winning gold medals on the track.

Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times and was idolised by many people for overcoming cancer to achieve success. Then it was discovered that he been cheating by taking drugs.

We see footballers behaving like spoiled brats on the football pitch by swearing at referees and they get away with cheating every week by shirt pulling and holding players down in the penalty areas.

Any sport where a large amount of money is involved is prone to politics and cheating.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Mar 10, 2013
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