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Bad impression of future; Rantin' Rovin' RobboALASTAIR ROBERTSON RIDES AGAIN.

THERE are many things we can happily leave in the hands of councillors: public lavatories, drains, potholes in the road, the regulation of dog poo and the distribution of council houses to their own relations.

These are the sort of things councillors understand.

Indeed, they are the very reasons they become councillors in the first place. Someone has to feel passionately about bin collections. But under no circumstances should they be allowed to have anything to do with architecture and the redevelopment of key sites.

Along with the developers Muse, councillors are desperately trying to convince us that what they keep calling Marischal Square (aka Broad Street) is the dog's bollocks. It's not. It's a terrible mish mash of all that has gone before. St Nicholas House, which this replaces, was deemed a disaster from the word go. It created a vortex of wind which made it quite impossible walk let alone sit around shooting the breeze in a T-shirt as all the drawings suggest we will be doing once this lot has been poured and bolted into position.

There is nothing about these buildings that suggests they are anything to do with Aberdeen. They could be plonked in any city or town anywhere from Luton to Newcastle. Or Aberdeen.

By the way, one very observant OAP ( I assume he's an OAP) has pointed out that among all the drawings of Aberdonians going about their business in these artistic impressions of the future there appears to be not one old person. Nary a Zimmer nor wheelchair in sight. Mind you there aren't any fat people either. That's how realistic the vision is.

Manse is a real jewel THE Manse in which the Crown Jewels of Scotland were hidden from Oliver Cromwell's Army in 1651 is on the market.

The minister's wife from the old manse of Kinneff near Stonehaven smuggled them out of Dunnottar Castle and hid them in a bedroom.

There's a picture in the manse particulars of the room where she hid the "Honours of Scotland"as our Crown Jewels are properly known.

Rather a sweet picture with a teddy bear on the bed.Yours for PS650,000 (the manse not the teddy).

Email Robbo at a.robertson@theaberdonian.


Vision An impression of how t he square will look
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Date:Apr 10, 2014
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